I Am Woman

I Am Woman by author Mrs. Anthony is a powerful memoir that will take readers on an emotional journey. Readers follow Mrs. Anthony from her childhood to her coming of age years when she meets her husband, Tony. Falling in love, they vow to start a life and family together. Tony begins his career while Mrs. Anthony is still trying to start hers. In the early years of their marriage, she spent time taking care of the household while letting her own dreams and career fall to the wayside. She slowly puts off more things that make her who she is to support her husband and his career. She thought she had the perfect love with beautiful children until Tony’s battle with alcohol slowly ruined their marriage. Despite all of the disappointments Mrs. Anthony and her family endured to his disease, they continue to support and love Tony.

I Am Woman: Book One: My Journey, My Tony is an eye-opening read that I found hard to put down. I didn’t expect this book to impact me, but this is a true testament to the author’s ability to infuse emotion into her writing. I felt as though I was reading Mrs. Anthony’s private journal. I was able to experience a true sense of what she was feeling. The disappointment in her husband for not being present in their marriage due to alcohol abuse came through her writing clearly. Mrs. Anthony’s sense of loss for herself because she was focused on her husband and ignored her own dreams was heartbreaking at times.

The author’s life story is one that many women will be able to relate to. The constant need to put family and spouse ahead of themselves makes this memoir especially poignant. As women strive to support their husbands and their careers, like Mrs. Anothony, their own careers and dreams get put on hold. I felt sorry for the author because she felt bad for being angry at her husband for getting sick, and she had to be both a mother and father and take care of their household. The guilt women feel is real, and the author shows how deeply that guilt can run and control how they live their lives. The guilt often turns to anger when in situations like this, the woman is left with no partner and the additional task of caring for the one she vowed to share life with. It seemed her husband did not appreciate the sacrifices she made, and it consumed her in frustration and pain, all while trying to make it appear like things were okay for the outside world and her children.

The author’s writing immersed me into her world, and I could clearly imagine each scene, making this an impactful read. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy memoirs from women who share the personal journey of self-discovery and balancing an ever-complicated life.

Pages: 328 | ASIN : B09LHBQPWW

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