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Derek R. King Author Interview

Twelve Red Roses in Verse is a collection of poems that explore deep unconditional love along with the significance of the rose. What inspires you to write poetry?

I write what I feel at the time of writing. Sometimes those pieces are beautiful love poems, like Twelve Red Roses in Verse, and my collaboration with Julie Kusma “Amore”, other times inspired by nature like Natyre Boy which you reviewed and Poetry Mouse, or driven by darker themes such as Noir, which you also reviewed or Darker Half Volume 13, another collaboration with Julie Kusma.

What are some literary devices that you find yourself using often?

Most often I use literary devices without realizing it, as I think most folks do. I like my poetry to be little narratives or vignettes of feelings or scenes. In writing those narratives, I love using enjambment, introducing line breaks to force the read in the manner the rhythm of the piece is written, almost like a performance delivery style to some extent. Sometimes I repeat words or phrases for effect, and I do love alliteration to create soft flowing or tension depending on the piece I’m writing. 

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘Energy Flow’. Is there one poem that stands out to you from this collection?

There are many that stand out for me, each associated with a specific memory, moment in time. A favourite of mine is “Your Sweet Song.” I love its simplicity, yet conveys deep emotion and contentment to me. 

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes, I have a couple of upcoming solo project releases. The final part of my trilogy, beginning with Noir, followed by Natyre Boy, is scheduled for release 7th October, that volumes is titled the Elegy and is available for pre-order now. Later this year, I will be releasing Urban, a collection of gritty cityscape poetry. And due to popular demand, there will be a second volume of love poetry, a companion to Twelve Red Roses in Verse, in January of next year. 

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The world isn’t always kind, but there is love awaiting to release its boundless gifts in every corner. One of those gifts is the beautiful aromatic rose. Derek R. King reaches into a treasure trove of emotions to bring you on a journey of love—one rose at a time.

From the first poem to the last, you will learn the meaning behind each rose and bouquet of roses given to the love of your life. Then, as you travel along with the love affair of the rose and its lovers, you’ll learn what it’s like to yearn, to need, to want; and finally to become entwined with your one true soulmate.

The roses in this book symbolize the growth that people endure while seeking companionship throughout their lives. While one rose means one thing, ten roses mean another. In the end, what matters is how we show our love and the significance of the rose in the banquet of emotions as we become entwined, unconditionally, Forevermore.

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