The Denial of Reverse Racism in America

The Denial of Reverse Racism in America by Dr. Len Bergantino is an attempt to prove the theory that reverse racism exists and is a serious problem. From the start, the author makes his views clear on the subject, using anecdotal experiences throughout his life as a means to support his argument. He believes his experiences, which include his perspective on programs and organizations attempting to address racial inequality, substantiate his stance, though his argument to support this case comes from deeply held personal beliefs rather than using statistics and research to support the topic.

While this book may be a difficult read for many, it serves as an interesting glimpse into the mind of someone who feels strongly about this topic. Throughout the book, the author references his experiences from childhood, university, and his years working as a school counselor. He frequently uses capitalization to emphasize his points throughout the book, though the overall tone feels intensely emotional and abrupt.

I found the book interesting from a more critical perspective, and how the author eagerly argues the point for reverse racism by mentioning various anecdotal scenarios as proof for this case. While I found it compelling, I would have appreciated more hard evidence to support his views. While the author approaches the topic from a particular viewpoint, he manages to stay with the theme consistently.

The Denial of Reverse Racism in America by Dr. Len Bergantino serves as an intriguing look into the mind and thoughts of someone who strongly believes in the concept of reverse racism. I suggest reading the book, and the author’s explanations, as it’s like a case study into one individual’s views.

Pages: 88 | ASIN: 1648032680

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