Surviving Master Joshua

Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir of An Unfaithful Wife by Karma Said is a memoir of the author’s experience as she retells her journey into the world of BDSM. Karma’s initial intention for getting involved begins with an investigation of the lives of religious people who are considered kinky or a part of the fetish community. She initially investigates BDSM for a story on religious people that are kinky. We quickly learn that the author’s real intention to get involved with this community is due to her feeling incomplete in her life and marriage. When she meets Master Joshua, he gives her life a new sense of enjoyment and purpose, but at what cost?

As Karma dives into the exciting world of BDSM, she struggles with compartmentalizing two sides of her life: her husband and two children on one side and Master Joshua’s ability to open her mind to a new, thrilling experience. Throughout her relationship with him, Karma is encouraged to divulge her activities to her husband, as Master Joshua values honesty and communication as a significant part of their relationship. This predicament creates a dilemma for Karma: does she disclose her involvement with BDSM and Master Joshua to her husband, risking everything, or keep it a secret against her dominant’s wishes?

When I initially began reading this book, I wasn’t sure which direction the author would take in handling the intriguing world and experiences with BDSM. It’s more than discovering innermost needs and fulfilling a new fantasy; it’s a tale about the impact of communication and how honesty, or a lack of it, can be destructive to a relationship. The author further explores the dynamics of each character and the complex nature of their personality. We see the ordinary side of Master Joshua and how he’s like everyone else, despite his dominant presence in the BDSM world.

The author portrays the depth of each character’s needs, Karma, her husband David, their emotions, and how they cope with life while battling their inner struggles. I found Surviving Master Joshua to be an exciting and well-written book. There is a great combination of intense sexual and power dynamics with the importance of interpersonal communication and honesty.

Pages: 232 | ASIN: B09SQBVL1Z

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