Reverse Analysis, the Existential Shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust

In Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust, the reader gets to experience life through other people’s experiences. The author writes about different life situations and encounters and adds tales of professionals and icons to convey his message. His book is about life, therapy, change in perspective, and the future.

Dr. Len Bergantino writes in detail about how exciting or boring life can be depending on an individual’s path. He has interesting takes and ideal examples that make the reading engrossing. This interesting book is generally about life, how we relate with other people, how our thoughts affect us, and improving the life we live. The author ensures that the reader understands every unfamiliar terminology and theory by fully explaining things. Dr. Len Bergantino is an excellent author because he knows how to blend casual discussion with academic and professional text. He will write about scientific and expert opinions and add a bit of a casual story to balance the discussion. I appreciate the author for being candid and nonpartisan, even when discussing sensitive issues. This book is a gem that will have you open your eyes to multiple problems in life. The author helps the reader connect with their conscious self and gets one to value every minute they are alive and functioning.

One of the things that you enjoy as a reader is the many stories the author shares. Dr. Len Bergantino writes well and understands the art of narration better than most. I especially loved reading his tales as he wrote about his professional and personal life. In every story, the reader gets a life lesson or prudent sayings. Dr. Len Bergantino is open and discusses his high and low moments without concealing crucial information. This book teaches you the definition of therapy and psychotherapy and how various therapists identify with the subject. The author also shares essential information about gestalt therapy.

Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust has a dozen subjects that can help one improve their lifestyle. Dr. Len Bergantino uses notes from experts to expound on his concepts, which is an excellent idea as one gets multiple angles from other people. The book’s arrangement is a tad unconventional but still easy to follow. The notes are brief but contain a critical message. One thing I love about Dr. Len Bergantino is how shrewd he is. Every topic discussed is well-researched, and the author considers expert opinion before analyzing.

I rate Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust with 4 out of 5 stars for the excellent penmanship and for the advice that will make the reader an all-rounded better individual.

Pages: 246 | ASIN : B07QNSKBL2

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