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The Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasions

In The Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasions: The Handbook for Political Analysis, Dr. Len Bergantino discusses the political climate in the United States while paying attention to the first amendment. The author extensively writes about this constitution clause, enlightening his readers on the political workings, how the government runs its daily business and the life the political class lives. The author exhausts every point regarding political discussions, giving sober analysis in every argument. The reader gets the privilege of reading through Dr. Bergantino’s notes, letters, and opinions on issues that not many are comfortable discussing. 

One of the most remarkable features of a good author is his bravado. Dr. Bergantino is bold in his work. He writes his truths and does not shy away from addressing controversial matters. The confidence displayed by the author makes reading this informative book interesting and engaging. Throughout the book, the reader learns about the political world and human stories. Dr. Len Bergantino shares personal tales, writing about his private life, professional life, passions, and the impact modern-day politics has had on his life. I relished reading his personal stories, his interactions with the who-is-who in the political class, and his contribution to his community.

Dr. Len Bergantino displays wisdom in his language and does not openly show partiality when writing about either Right Wing or Left Wing politics. The discussions are balanced, and the analysis is delivered objectively. Even when using strong language, Dr. Len Bergantino ensures that his message is not lost depending on the phrases he uses. America is the land of the free, and even with all its freedoms, American society seems to fall short in some areas. Dr. Len Bergantino does not conceal the evil of the political class, as he writes about it all; the good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing, and the pride instilled in Americans.

As an educator and political expert, Dr. Len Bergantino seems to be the ideal person to discuss the status quo and the battement of society. This educational book is arranged in an unconventional manner, which is great as the reader can choose and pick which topics to start reading first. The images of the author’s works shared between the pages give the reader a good idea of how Dr. Len Bergantino’s mind works and thus give one a better comprehension of these thoughts.

The Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasions: The Handbook for Political Analysis is a one-of-a-kind book that will expand readers’ scope in politics, help readers to fully understand their rights as a citizen, and enlighten them on how the world works. I recommend this fascinating book to political science students and readers who enjoy political and socio-economic literature.

Pages: 366 | ISBN : 1955691835

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Germans – Jews – Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious

In German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious, Dr. Len Bergantino shares experiences in his life, telling personal stories and giving opinions on various issues in society. The author’s method of storytelling is absorbing and entertaining. He writes from his heart, and writes objectively. When discussing controversial subjects, the author uses realistic examples to give his argument. As a reader, you feel enlightened and intrigued by the author’s thoughts.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when the author discusses his background. I enjoyed reading about his professional life, family life and social life. His familiarity about different sectors and situations in life is laudable. German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious is for readers who are ready to expand their worldview. Dr. Len Bergantino addresses topics that may be considered taboo, and freely shares his views. The author sets precedence from the beginning of the book, and never loses track with the tone that he applies.

Every chapter is distinct, and the message being passed by the author is fascinating and edifying. Dr. Len Bergantino ensures that his readers get the full picture of things as he delves into each topic. The chapter on non Germans and German Americans was exceptionally enlightening to me. In this chapter, the author compares modern Germans to Germans in the past, drawing comparisons and telling their differences. I learned that German Americans are a distinct group and, despite sharing heritage with Germans in Germany, they have peculiar mannerisms. The author also discuses Nazi history and the impact the holocaust has had on both German and Jews over the years. This chapter was especially enlightening because the author did not write what mainstream media reports. His discussions were genuine and involved real people he has met and interacted with.

History lovers will enjoy German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious because of the many historical events Dr. Len Bergantino covers. Topics that revolved around North American policies, current events, European policies, the impact of war, media, and political alienations were my favorite. There is no defined method that the author uses when introducing new topics, which makes the book interesting to read. The author blends in a new story while narrating another story. He fuses two stories together, ensuring readers are engaged and always thinking about the information being shared. German Jews Holocausts and the Collective Unconscious discusses the realities that not many are aware of.

Pages: 264 | ASIN: B084KQ8FWZ

When Baseball Was King

When Baseball Was King, The New York Yankees Were Kings of Baseball by Dr. Len Bergantino is the full recounted story of the popular sport and its greatest players. From baseball’s history to its player’s stats and respective journeys throughout their careers. And while the main focus is the New York Yankees, there is also mention of other great teams and their players.

The peculiarity of this book is that it’s visually graphic. It includes texts and images from other sources such as magazines and newspapers. This adds a unique touch to back up the author’s quotes and citations. However, at times it seems like the author simply copied and pasted the pages of the books he thought relevant without summarizing and citing the information correctly. The book is fifty-three pages, almost a third of these being scans or excerpts from other books.

The story is narrated through Dr. Bergantino’s point of view as he discovers baseball and dives further deeper into its history and greatest stars. He tells the story of how his father introduced him to the sport and how he then fell in love with it; this gives it a nostalgic touch that I’m sure old baseball fans will very much appreciate.

While this book is non-fiction and primarily informative, having a “character” narrate gives it a storylike quality that makes it more enjoyable and feels less of an educational text and more like something to read for fun. This book gives readers a general insight into the sport and exciting facts about the most prominent players. It’s perfect for any baseball fans or as an introduction for anyone looking to get into the sport. It’s short and easy to read and quickly captivates the reader’s attention.

When Baseball Was King, The New York Yankees Were Kings of Baseball is an exciting historical look at the game with illuminating facts and entertaining stories.

Pages: 98 | ASIN : B085WMX5P6

The Greatest Basketball Player I Ever Saw

The Greatest Basketball Player I Ever Saw by Dr. Len Bergantino is a touching mix of sports biography and autobiography. It is likely the most unique biography you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading. Doctor Bergantino is an eccentric writer who has already written on various subjects. However, with this book, he has turned his hand to writing a sports biography. The strange part is he has chosen to write it about a sportsman you will never have heard of who died at the tender age of 18.

The book is a biography of Billy Finn, Bergantino’s high school best friend who died in a car crash before he ever had a chance to become famous. Bergantino spends much of the book explaining why he thinks Finn was the best basketball player of all time. Finn’s abilities are described as almost supernatural. This part of the book will likely appeal to anyone interested in basketball or amateur sports.

The book isn’t just about Billy Finn, the sportsman, however. Instead, it is a monument to Finn, Bergantino’s friend. I think this is the part of the book that will really appeal to most readers. Bergantino shares with us, the reader, touching anecdotes of what he and Finn got up to as young men. His love for his childhood friend, even 50 years after his passing, is evident and touching.

Bergantino’s affection for Finn is almost infectious. The book is written in such a way that the reader finds themselves caring about a young man they had never heard of before. Finn’s personality is described as warts and all. The two young men don’t always see eye to eye, and Bergantino doesn’t shy away from this. Even the best of friends annoy each other from time to time.

The book is a short, easy read. Bergantino’s writing is energetic if a bit frantic at times. He is a fan of hyperbole, and some of his claims about Finn may have to be taken with a pinch of salt. The eccentric style is enjoyable for most of the book, but the final chapter, in which he talks about how Finn has been reincarnated, may leave some readers, myself included, feeling a little cold. It feels like this last chapter goes off on a little bit of a tangent.

All in all, The Greatest Basketball Player I Ever Saw is a touching biography of a young man you more than likely have never heard of. But, whether you’re a sports fan or not, the book is mostly a beautiful monument to a man whose best friend still bitterly misses him.

Pages: 81 | ASIN : B0865X1P48

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The Art of Psychotherapy and the Liberation of the Therapist

The Art of Psychotherapy and the Liberation of the Therapist is an academic work by Dr. Len Bergantino, Ed.D., Ph.D. This book educates the reader on psychotherapy and shows how it has progressed throughout the career of Dr. Bergantino as well as the work of many other experts whose work he has carefully studied and evaluated, and the experiences and views of the patients.

At the beginning of the book Dr. Bergantino points out that on the cover of his book is a picture of the American Revolutionary War hero Patrick Henry who was noted for his famous quote “Give me liberty or give me death.” Dr. Bergantino explains that the only way to see progress in psychotherapy is if both the psychiatrist and the patient are completely liberated from everything around them and are entirely open and honest in the work that they are doing, and that is the approach he tried to use throughout his career.

This enlightening book is divided into two parts, with part two being a continuation and deeper dive into the topics in part one. This work covers topics from the existential moment, working with children, the holistic approach to psychotherapy, narcissism, couples therapy, schizophrenia, clinical psychology, and more. It also includes experts such as Freud, Whitaker, Frankl, and others. The book is filled with stories from Dr. Bergantino’s career and shows readers how he handled situations with different patients such as a very tall, overweight man who carried a knife with him which made for a very unpleasant, unsafe, and stressful work environment, or a recent widower who was left alone with his young children, and many more.

A key term in this book is ‘existential moment’ which is defined as a full sense of being between patient and therapist. Those two human beings are capable of experiencing the focus of the moment, as it is applied to therapy. It deals with authenticity and the vulnerability that comes from two people facing each other as equals. Readers will also be met with the question that Shakespeare asked so many years ago, “To be or not to be?” The book explores how we interpret that question in our own lives, along with psychotherapy, and more interesting topics readers otherwise may not have thought about.

The Art Of Psychotherapy and the Liberation of the Therapist is an informative and thought-provoking book that I would recommend to readers looking for a compelling memoir or an edifying book on the topic of psychotherapy. This book takes an incredible dive into the world of psychotherapy and will appeal to practitioners, psychologists, or students in the psychotherapy field, as well as patients who want to learn more about psychotherapy.

Pages: 516 | ASIN: B07SKMW57C

Reverse Analysis, the Existential Shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust

In Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust, the reader gets to experience life through other people’s experiences. The author writes about different life situations and encounters and adds tales of professionals and icons to convey his message. His book is about life, therapy, change in perspective, and the future.

Dr. Len Bergantino writes in detail about how exciting or boring life can be depending on an individual’s path. He has interesting takes and ideal examples that make the reading engrossing. This interesting book is generally about life, how we relate with other people, how our thoughts affect us, and improving the life we live. The author ensures that the reader understands every unfamiliar terminology and theory by fully explaining things. Dr. Len Bergantino is an excellent author because he knows how to blend casual discussion with academic and professional text. He will write about scientific and expert opinions and add a bit of a casual story to balance the discussion. I appreciate the author for being candid and nonpartisan, even when discussing sensitive issues. This book is a gem that will have you open your eyes to multiple problems in life. The author helps the reader connect with their conscious self and gets one to value every minute they are alive and functioning.

One of the things that you enjoy as a reader is the many stories the author shares. Dr. Len Bergantino writes well and understands the art of narration better than most. I especially loved reading his tales as he wrote about his professional and personal life. In every story, the reader gets a life lesson or prudent sayings. Dr. Len Bergantino is open and discusses his high and low moments without concealing crucial information. This book teaches you the definition of therapy and psychotherapy and how various therapists identify with the subject. The author also shares essential information about gestalt therapy.

Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust has a dozen subjects that can help one improve their lifestyle. Dr. Len Bergantino uses notes from experts to expound on his concepts, which is an excellent idea as one gets multiple angles from other people. The book’s arrangement is a tad unconventional but still easy to follow. The notes are brief but contain a critical message. One thing I love about Dr. Len Bergantino is how shrewd he is. Every topic discussed is well-researched, and the author considers expert opinion before analyzing.

I rate Reverse Analysis, The Existential shift, Gestalt Family Therapy and the Prevention of the Next Holocaust with 4 out of 5 stars for the excellent penmanship and for the advice that will make the reader an all-rounded better individual.

Pages: 246 | ASIN : B07QNSKBL2

Political Psychology Invasions

Dr. Len Bergantino starts this eye-opening book by taking the reader back to the 2020 election. He writes about the Democrat candidates at the time and analyzes Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. He then proceeds to write letters to President Trump, where he explains his aggravation and gives guidance on how certain issues should be handled. I take pleasure in reading Dr. Len Bergantino because of how raw he is. His language may come off as too strong, but the tone is what makes his writing distinct. Dr. Len Bergantino writes like a concerned citizen who wants to see his country run in a better manner.

Political Psychology Invasions looks at the past and current political situation and how today’s events influence the future. In the book, readers learn about governance and how challenging it can be to contain some political elements. Dr. Len Bergantino writes in an informative and authentic manner. He does not mind irritating some people as he is objective and true to his word. I like that the author gives praise where it’s due and also criticizes when necessary. Dr. Len Bergantino analyzes the situations discussed in the book with impartiality and gives facts before concluding on a particular topic. In addition, the author explains the political class and how to perform your duties as a citizen.

Apart from the status quo, Dr. Len Bergantino also wrote about music and its role in society. Music may be a universal language, but to Dr. Len Bergantino, music is more than that. It is intimate to him as it is a family business. Being a professional psychoanalyst and a professional musician, Dr. Len Bergantino writes of how he is concerned by today’s music. Having been introduced to music from a young age, Dr. Len Bergantino does not appreciate today’s music as most of it is noise. Instead, the author writes about the importance of music among the masses and why musicians should improve. The author also advises on how to write better music as he narrates his experiences.

Amidst the political analysis and discussions, the author also writes of his adventures, travels, and life experiences. The fusing of his personal tales with the political talk was a great way of killing the monotony that may have been present. I like Dr. Len Bergantino because he writes with confidence. Even when calling out certain political figures, Dr. Len Bergantino gives a good reason. He is bright and great at analyzing human behavior and events.

Political Psychology Invasion will expose readers to politicians’ dealings and help them better understand and examine future political events. This interesting book will give readers much to think over and help them better understand the political environment.

Pages: 178 | ASIN : B0876QCM35

The Essence of Music

Dr. Len Bergantino starts the book by giving a little background information about himself. He writes of when he was born and how his love for music started. Next, the author discusses his father, Dan Bergantino, and how he started him off reading music. Reading about Dr. Len Bergantino’s early years was thrilling and gave one a sense of nostalgia. I enjoyed reading about his interaction with musical instruments, how different elements inspired him to love music, and how jolly he was. The first chapter of this book is cheerful and gets one excited about the rest of the book. Dr. Len Bergantino knows how to draw a reader to his art as he writes from his heart.

The Essence of Music: Musicality, Pure Sound, the Art of Melody, and Inner Peace is an intense collection of information in relation to music. Why do people make music? How music influences the world, the author’s relationship with music and lessons learned, the significance of making constructive music, and many more things. Dr. Len Bergantino has a backstory for almost everything he writes about. I applaud the author for his style of writing as it makes the reader understand how every instrument is special and why art is distinct to every individual. Music heals the soul and is also used to spread messages. Dr. Len Bergantino shares personal tales as he writes about his love for music. My favorite story from the author is about the night he was Sophia Loren’s bodyguard. I enjoyed reading about that night’s activities at the Italian Cultural Institute in 1996.

Dr. Len Bergantino is an excellent writer and is also a man of culture. It is remarkable how the author is knowledgeable and connected to his roots. Reading about Dr. Len Bergantino will inspire the reader to bond more with their traditions and appreciate where one comes from. His approach of using Caps in some sentences was attention-grabbing as it gets one to read in a different tone and also stresses the message he was to share.

This entertaining book reads like a mini autobiography for Dr. Len Bergantino. The major topic is music and its effects, but the parts that stick with readers are the personal tales shared by the author. You can never go a few pages without some comic relief as the author gets to be hilarious when talking about himself.

In The Essence of Music, you will learn about different musical instruments, how to play them and how crucial they all are. Through the author’s story, you become exposed to different cultures and learn some complexities of life. This book is energizing to read and a great work of art when it comes to musicality. One of the major lessons you learn as a reader is that music has a healing component and the kind of music you listen to influences your perspective of life.

Pages: 286 | ASIN : B0876Q22FV

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