Political Psychology Invasions

Dr. Len Bergantino starts this eye-opening book by taking the reader back to the 2020 election. He writes about the Democrat candidates at the time and analyzes Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. He then proceeds to write letters to President Trump, where he explains his aggravation and gives guidance on how certain issues should be handled. I take pleasure in reading Dr. Len Bergantino because of how raw he is. His language may come off as too strong, but the tone is what makes his writing distinct. Dr. Len Bergantino writes like a concerned citizen who wants to see his country run in a better manner.

Political Psychology Invasions looks at the past and current political situation and how today’s events influence the future. In the book, readers learn about governance and how challenging it can be to contain some political elements. Dr. Len Bergantino writes in an informative and authentic manner. He does not mind irritating some people as he is objective and true to his word. I like that the author gives praise where it’s due and also criticizes when necessary. Dr. Len Bergantino analyzes the situations discussed in the book with impartiality and gives facts before concluding on a particular topic. In addition, the author explains the political class and how to perform your duties as a citizen.

Apart from the status quo, Dr. Len Bergantino also wrote about music and its role in society. Music may be a universal language, but to Dr. Len Bergantino, music is more than that. It is intimate to him as it is a family business. Being a professional psychoanalyst and a professional musician, Dr. Len Bergantino writes of how he is concerned by today’s music. Having been introduced to music from a young age, Dr. Len Bergantino does not appreciate today’s music as most of it is noise. Instead, the author writes about the importance of music among the masses and why musicians should improve. The author also advises on how to write better music as he narrates his experiences.

Amidst the political analysis and discussions, the author also writes of his adventures, travels, and life experiences. The fusing of his personal tales with the political talk was a great way of killing the monotony that may have been present. I like Dr. Len Bergantino because he writes with confidence. Even when calling out certain political figures, Dr. Len Bergantino gives a good reason. He is bright and great at analyzing human behavior and events.

Political Psychology Invasion will expose readers to politicians’ dealings and help them better understand and examine future political events. This interesting book will give readers much to think over and help them better understand the political environment.

Pages: 178 | ASIN : B0876QCM35

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