An Old Shrew, A tortured Soul, and Everyday Angels

Olga is an eighty-year-old woman who lives by herself in her beautiful home. She prides herself in her pure lineage and her independence, always pushing forward in life by herself. After World War II, Olga’s community had an influx of Polish immigrants who were displaced by the war and whom Olga possessed no sympathy for.

To Olga, these immigrants were unwanted guests. However, Olga decides to make the most of the situation by using them to her advantage, making different people think they will be her heir. In reality, she’s leaving everything to an animal charity.

Agnes is a fifty-something-year-old mother of three who is feisty and has no problem calling out whomever she considers a hypocrite. She feels as if she has enough trouble with her teenagers at home to put up with other people’s businesses. So when Olga and Agnes meet, it’s like two opposite worlds collide, and each seems to have met her match.

When three murders are committed, fingers are pointed, and claims are made, everyone seems to have a connection. Will they figure it out? or will they let their personal feelings get in the way of the investigation?

An Old Shrew, A tortured Soul, and Everyday Angels is a historical fiction murder mystery by author Anderson Rosina. Set in West Germany, post World War II, it follows the story of three murders committed within a refugee camp where many displaced families live as a community.

The characters are extremely well written, with in-depth reasoning behind their behavior and complex relationships between them. The ending of the book is foreshadowed throughout and can be seen if carefully analyzing these interactions; everything comes full circle.

The story is evenly-paced, with plenty of details and events that lead up to a great reveal. Every single storyline connects to this grand reveal that will leave the reader absolutely flabbergasted. This murder mystery will rope you in from the start and keep you hooked until the end. I´d rate it five stars for its masterful narration and intriguing storyline, which I highly recommend.

Pages: 186 | ASIN : B08NFLZRQP

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