The Bush Clinic

The Bush Clinic is an imaginative and deeply thoughtful space opera that surprised me with its depth. While this is a science fiction novel, it only serves to create a fantastic background to contemporary issues people face in third-world countries today and provides a creative twist to distill modern issues down into a poignant narrative. In this book, we follow a doctor on Dolvia, who is forced to leave her clinic and support a hospital where she witnesses an epidemic and sees how resourceful tribal women have to get to save their kids and survive a conflict where corporate greed fuels the engine of war. Among the tribe is a girl whose storyline shows readers the abuse natives face at the hands of their colonizers and shows the strength of sisterhood in the face of adversity.

Author Stella Atrium channels the best of Frank Herbert’s Dune in the way it utilizes epic fantasy to tell a tale of oppression and colonization. What I like most about this novel, though, is the stark reality of the characters’ lives. While this is a science fiction novel, it still feels grounded and authentic, giving the novel a gritty feel that makes the emotion that colors this story feel raw and biting. The author sets up this emotional battery so well that it feels much more potent when hope and light shine through the darkness. Because of this, I found The Bush Clinic to be a moving and impassioned story; possibly because I was able to relate to the characters.

Readers will also find a vibrant and well-defined backdrop to this story beyond the insightful commentary on society. With plenty of time spent throughout the novel creating a world that feels lived-in and exotic, readers will enjoy the variety of cultures, species, and ideologies throughout this book. This lends to the epic feel of this fantasy story and made me feel like we are only scratching the surface of a backstory that feels deep (good thing this is only book one in The Tribal Wars series).

With strong female protagonists and inspired themes of solidarity, unity, and sorority among women, this science fiction book will appeal to readers looking for a meaningful story that is contemplative and intellectually invigorating. The Bush Clinic is an entertaining and inspiring sci-fi novel that will appeal to readers looking for a book with a relevant and thrilling storyline.

Pages: 496 | ASIN: B0B9VH51CW

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