Dig, Then Dig Some More

Jeremy Robertsen Author Interview

They Stole the Packers! Film at Six! follows a rookie reporter who is plunged into the fast-paced world of old-fashioned news reporting when the Green Bay Packers are sold. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Dismay at the constant splatter of dis- and mis- information. Back 30 to 50 years ago the media (mainstream, not the National Enquirer), worked hard to get the facts right. They had their failures, but most of the time the quality of info was good. Today, you no longer need a transmitter tower, a bank of printing presses or a news team to disseminate information. Any joker with a keyboard can do it.

So, the job of quality control has shifted from the senders of information, to the receivers. Thankfully, high schools are beginning to teach “news literacy,” sussing out doctored photos and conspiracy theories.

I imagine my readers visualizing a backdrop while paging through the book – a blurry panoramic of today’s social media and cable news. Against this backdrop pops out the good practices of reporters and editors in the 1970s, who did the quality control on information for us. This book gently suggests quality control on today’s fizz of information – is now the work we have to do on our own.

Terry Lawton is an interesting character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Work hard, work smart. Dig, then dig some more. Have the discipline to always tell both sides of the story. Try to tell stories that help people.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Never take things at face value. Always challenge your assumptions about an event, and look at it from different angles. If there are misunderstandings, work to set the record straight.

Even if you spent a lot of time creating a news story, and burned a lot of film . . . throw it in the trash bin if it ends up untrue or hurtful. Resist the temptation to broadcast something entertaining, like name-calling, even if it would help ratings. Throw it in the bin.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available? 

A theological science fiction, due in late 2023, after which I will be placed on a rocket sled to hell.

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~ ~ An impossible news story breaks: The Packers are sold and leave Green Bay.
Crawling inside the story is an “old school” journalist, who shows how news was done before it got dropped into a blur of Internet memes and conspiracy theories.

In this lively historical fiction, Terry Lawton produces TV news using 1970s methodology – before cell phones, before the Internet and before “trolling.”

The young reporter investigates the worst nightmare of Green Bay – the sale of the Green Bay Packers and the team’s move out of the city. In this novel, he meets the colorful characters of northern Wisconsin, weeding out the weirdness, trying to get his stories right. A nostalgic and playful look at the more careful information process of the early 1970s – an era before the “fast food” offerings of conspiracy and disinformation on social media.

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