Liam & Little Tail

When a small little animal wanders into Liam’s part of the woods, he is concerned for the little guy’s safety in the cold. Quickly he went to find his friend Dawson, and together they investigated what the small animal was, only to discover it was a squire with a tiny tail! They knew right away they needed to do something to help this little guy out; first thing, though, he needed a name. So with his new name, Little Tail, a plan was made to get him someplace safe where he could be warm and have plenty to eat.

Liam & Little Tail: Adventures of Liam the Squirrel & Friends by Brenda Huddleston is a heartwarming children’s book about friendship and helping others. From the opening page, children are drawn into the winter wonderland of the woodland creatures and can feel the excitement and awe of a snow-filled forest. Joe Huffman’s illustrations are colorful and animated, making children feel like they are part of the forest and racing along with all the animals.

Children learn the value of friendship and problem-solving in this well-written picture book. Because Little Tail’s tail was so small, he could not jump and climb like other squirrels. They will see how the animals of the forest come together to help out new friends and ensure he is safe and cared for. It shows the importance of a community and how everyone can accomplish any task when working together. Little Tail was secure from the cold thanks to the beautiful community of animals in the forest.

Liam & Little Tail: Adventures of Liam the Squirrel & Friends is a touching children’s book that will provide children with a message of compassion and show them the value of helping out strangers in need. This picture book is a wonderful addition to classrooms and libraries both in school and at home.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0B2C3TRNH

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