Where God’s Fingerprints would Be

Melanie Burgess Author Interview

Fingerprints of God takes young readers on a journey to discover all the places God has left his fingerprints on the world. What was the inspiration for your story?

My inspiration for writing this book was simply from the Holy Spirit, in the midst of illustrated my 2nd book To Be Or Knot To Be. One evening as I layed down to sleep I just kept hearing in my head If God had fingerprints where would they be.  I heard that question over and over again. So I just asked myself, well where would they be? And immediately I heard, On the millions of stars overlooking a moonlit sea. I asked God if this was to be my next book, and if so that the Holy Spirit would help me to write it. The next morning I got up and my mind was flooded with thoughts of where God’s fingerprints would be! So, I sat down and penned my thoughts. 

That is how this book was birthed.  

What was your favorite moment or illustration in this story?

I can’t exactly pinpoint what my favorite illustration or moment is. So many illustrations are so special to me, Im not sure I could choose one. The illustration of the sunset is particularly special because the man pointing at the sunset is my father. I went for a hike up the mountain with my husband, parents, and dogs one fall day and took a photograph of my father pointing at the view. This is a place very close to my childhood home and have hiked there many times over the years. It is found located on Backbone Ridge and one of the most spectacular views in Garrett County, MD. There is a  Historic fire tower and remnants of the original 1930s ranger station are also found here.  If you take notice, you can see the remnets of a chimney from the ranger station, in the left hand side of the page. 

However so many illustrations depict a special part of my life. I went to Bible College in Colorado Springs and hiked Pike’s Peak.  The Eagle is flying over Lake Habeeb, located in Rocky Gap State Park, is where I grew up camping with my family, and eventually became a Camphost alongside my husband. We served the park for 5 years and my first children’s book Stinky was birthed there. Then there is the illustration of my friend and coworker Ramona Dutton and her son. The last illustration in the story is my own end table in my living room and the owl on the table was a gift from a high scholl teacher. I believe each picture means something. So this book is special to me all around.  

What educational aspects were important for you to include in this children’s book?

I wanted to make this book educational like my other books are, so that is why I included the fun fact section.  I added the Mosquito Bay page about a year and a half after I wrote the story. I was watching a Saturday morning program called Rock the Park. This is a program that it’s hosts travel to national parks to spotlight their beauty and wildlife. This particular episode the hosts were in the Virgin Islands and they were talking about bioluminescent jellyfish and other organisms that omit light. At that time I was 50 years old and had never heard the term bioluminescent, and certainly didn’t know what it meant. Since my books all have an educational aspect to them I knew I had to include this amazing fact that only can come through a creator! 

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The Holy Spirit has given me yet another great story! This one will be a young adult Christian Novel. The storyline is so great it will definitely be made into a movie. I  not going to spoil it with details, but you will definitely want to read it. I have little time right now to devote to writing it, so I cant say as to when I will finish.  I will let you know when it’s available.  

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Fingerprints of God is a beautifully poetic book, teaching children that the world has been created and that God is the Creator. If you simply look at the beauty of the galaxy, the earth, and everything on the earth you can clearly see the truth of God’s magnificent creation. At the end of the story, there are fun facts to captivate the minds of readers of all ages.

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