Where’s El Morro?: Rani’s adventure at Old San Juan

A little girl named Rani is walking through Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her grandfather. She overhears a tourist ask, “Where’s El Morro?” This has her asking her grandfather questions about every sight they see on their walk. Each place they pass by has a story to tell and some significance to the city. It is a wonderful day of learning for Rani as she discovers the rich history of Puerto Rico.

Where’s El Morro?: Rani’s adventure at Old San Juan is an entertaining children’s book sharing the history of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rani’s inquisitive nature is what you would expect from a kindergartner or preschooler as they are looking for something they have never seen or heard of before. Children will be able to relate to this learning style and follow along as they visit all the sites on their adventure to get to El Morro.

Charlene Sanchez, as well as writing this beautiful story, has given it bright and eye-catching illustrations. The fine details, especially in the architectural drawings, are sure to have children looking and asking questions. With information about landmarks, art, history, and culture, this picture book is a beautiful way to introduce children to Puerto Rico. At the end of the story, Sanchez includes a fun game that families can play together to reinforce all the places Rani visited.

Where’s El Morro?: Rani’s adventure at Old San Juan is a refreshing children’s book that teaches young readers about history and culture. There is not a dull moment in this picture book and children will love traveling through Old San Juan on Rani’s adventure with her Abuelo.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B0BJTT5ZTM

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