In the year 2044 in a world where the economy is broken due to inflation and overpopulation, people started killing themselves because of overwhelming debt and poverty. There is pollution in the air and water and people are dumping chemicals and destroying animal habitats. People revolted and stopped working because, eventually, money had no value. People gave up eating animal meat because it was too toxic, so they began to eat each other. Copy 13, from the Haldis species, lands on this dying planet to begin replicating itself. It learns that the planet is dying and humanity along with it. Will she be able to replicate and build a new society on this toxic planet?

Author Kristin J. Wall has created a visionary dystopian novel that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. I was enthralled with the depth of the decay of the world and how the author meticulously created it; or in this case, destroyed it. Copy 13 is a fascinating character. She is intelligent but has no emotion, yet as a reader I still had empathy for her. This nuanced balance of emotions reminded me of the character portrayals in the sci fi movie Equilibrium. I especially felt sorry for Copy 13 when she realized that humans had destroyed their planet.

Copy 13’s behavior and thoughts were always interesting, and I felt like she was similar to the Terminator in a cold and calculating way. There were times when I had to reread a sentence because of how Copy 13 describes the things that she sees. They are foreign to her so they come off as foreign to the reader. For instance, when she sees a human, she calls that person a plump and filthy creature. The author does an excellent job describing Copy 13’s surroundings so that I was completely immersed in her world. Although there isn’t much action in the story I was still captivated by Copy 13’s agenda and I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Remnants is an intellectually invigorating and riveting science fiction novel. With a main character that is complex and compelling and a plot that is engaging and smart, fans of thrillers will have plenty to enjoy in this thoughtful post-apocalyptic suspense novel.

Pages: 250 | ASIN: B0BFQV9CRZ

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