O C E A N is an evocative collection of poetry where aspects of love are explored thoroughly in order to embody the intensity and depth within. Throughout the book are four sections named Deep waters, Wading, the shore, and Sand Castles. Each section echoes the healing power and regenerative nature of love. In this book, the emphasis is primarily on the sensation of making it to the shore and finding nothing but tranquility upon reaching it. As with the ocean, love can be frightening at first, but once you become one with it, you will be able to appreciate how deep that love really is. O C E A N  by Anastasia Lindsey helps readers achieve just that.

The author provides readers with a cathartic creation that delves deep into the raw nature of love. With her encapsulating words and rhythm, she evokes a deep and primal emotional response from within your soul. Lindsey’s words offer peace and serenity, which can be a catalyst for healing.

She explores love with her words and concludes that it is just like the ocean- frightening, endless, and deep. The poems she writes provide readers with an intimate window into the calmness of her mind. Lindsey’s genuine concern for her readers’ well-being can be seen on every page as she carefully nudges them to accept the intensity of their emotions. The concept of a “lighthouse page” is a fitting example of her aptitude. She allows readers every now and then a chance to breathe, relax and hydrate themselves before continuing forward with her heartfelt words.

If her poems provoke a triggering reaction, she offers affirmative quotations that will certainly help you cope with it. Lindsey understands that love is not just romantic, which is precisely why she encourages her readers to self reflect, look in the mirror and show gratitude. Lindsey’s words are not only transformative but they offer a chance to grow and heal. O C E A N is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant collection of poetry that I highly recommend.

Pages: 256 | ISBN: 1639887059

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