When the White Knight Falls

When the White Knight Falls is a cathartic coming-of-age story of a young woman named Kate, a classically trained musician. Kate, along with Alec, put together a band called Kilbride. Her love interest Alec is her rock and support but will not disrespect her and will only be intimate if they have a “covenant” together. On top of the romantic struggles, Kate has reservations about their new band member Walt because there seems to be something “off” about him. Can Kate and Alec’s relationship survive all that is thrown at them, and can they turn their passion for music into a successful band?

I loved this thrilling story. This suspenseful novel is beautifully written in the third person focusing on the protagonist Kate McCoy. I empathized deeply with Kate and felt her wounds and the true feelings she had hidden beneath the surface, not what she showed in front of the other band members. Wallace did a great job showing us, the readers, how Kate came to be the way she is and what stands in the way of what she truly wants.

Virginia Wallace’s writing style is beautiful, and her ability and talent for making the reader feel like they are going through Kate’s life events with her are astonishing. There were moments in the story that I found heart-wrenching and frustrating, just as Kate herself felt. However, within the novel’s first quarter, I felt for Alec as well, and I desperately wanted to see Kate and Alec come together as their true soul mates.

When the White Knight Falls as it is an excellently written and enjoyable contemporary romance novel. There is a wonderful building of suspense throughout the entire story that keeps readers holding on till the end. I can not wait to see what Virginia Wallace writes next.

Pages 235 | ASIN : B08TMYZZV1

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  1. A well deserved review for a talented author. You are going to love the ending.❤️

  2. Wonderful review. Congratulations Virginia: aka Master of the Macabre. This will only be the first of many awards. Virginia is a writer of immense talent and has the rare ability to dip into any genre successfully; When the White Knight Falls is proof of that. If you are a lover of murder mysteries, romance, animals (you’ll love Barcy) and music, you will love this book; it rocks!

  3. Great review for Virginia Wallace! Intelligently discusses the highlights of the book!

  4. Congratulations on the great review. This is a great book, one of my favorite rockstar romances.

  5. Loved this book and this review.

  6. Just finished reading this very well written book and I highly recommend it.

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