Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound

Young Julien is excited for the end of the school day; he has finished all his work and is now ready to settle in and read the latest comic starring his favorite superhero, Bluebullet! Just as he gets to the book’s exciting parts, a dapper crow hops up and starts squawking. Julien tries to shush him unsuccessfully. Returning to his story, he is interrupted again, this time by sneezing bees! Alas, this is not the end of the distractions. At one point, Julien losses his temper with the creatures around him, and suddenly out of the sky, appears none other than his hero, Bluebullet. Can his hero help him sort out his mess and finish reading his comic?

Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound: The Quiet Wants of Julien J. is a fantastically well-written children’s book about dealing with tough emotions. Author Dr. Drew Palacio has written a story that many children will relate to. The frustrations of trying to concentrate on something, be it reading, building a lego set, or doing school work, sounds, and other activities, can be extremely distracting. This especially reminded me of my son, who is on the spectrum, and all distractions can trigger reactions like Julien has in this book. The advice that Bluebullet gives Julien is perfect and written in a way that elementary-level children can comprehend and put into practice.

Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound is a wonderful children’s book on dealing with strong emotions and learning an appropriate way to respond to things. This imaginative story is perfect for teachers and families to help children learn how to control their feelings without lashing out and teach them skills that will last them a lifetime.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 1953021506

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