Jonty and the Giant Pike

Jonty loves fishing more than any other activity. One winter, he and his dad spent the whole season planning a brand-new fishpond for their backyard. They were going to raise rainbow trout! Once spring arrived, they got to work building their pond. They stocked it with baby fish that Jonty made sure to feed every day. Then, one summer day, he heads to the lake to fish and catches a giant king pike! While taking the fish home to cook it for dinner, it escapes and flops into the fish pond. Despite their best efforts, they could not recatch the pike, which was now stuck in the pond.

Jonty and the Giant Pike is a touching story about a boy’s love for fishing. While he would have loved to have had the king pike for dinner, he respected the fish’s will to live and cunning ability to escape the bucket and hide. It was touching that even when the fish pond failed to provide rainbow trout, and the king pike escaped, Jonty never lost his good attitude and spirit of wonder. He was amazed by the pike’s fortitude and admired its survival skills. Rather than be upset, Jonty decided that the pike was in a better place and where it belonged, in the open water.

Author Tuule Pere and illustrator Milena Radeva have created a heartwarming children’s book about adapting to situations and making the best when things are unplanned. The lessons that children can learn from Jonty and the Giant Pike about having a positive attitude will stay with them long after they have finished reading this remarkable story.

Pages: 38 | ISBN : 952357793X

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