What did we get ourselves into?

Tricia DellAnno Author Interview

A Dog in my Yard follows a boy who must convince his parents to let him keep his dog after she causes some problems around the house. What motivated you to write a follow-up book to “No Dog in my Yard”?

Like many new puppy owners, we had no idea how much work a puppy would be. So, when Millie, our Golden Doodle, came home it was a matter of days before we said, “What did we get ourselves into?” Millie was an 8-pound tornado swirling around the house and getting into trouble. As we shared “Millie stories” with family and friends, we found everyone laughing at us, not with us. It became obvious that I had some good material for a second book. I do admit, the threat to rehome her was real, but I’m so glad we hung in there…barely.

What are some life lessons that you wanted to build into your story?

I love this question because although this is a children’s book, many lessons can apply to children and adults alike. Jonathan, the boy in the book, puts his negotiating skills to the test in his attempt to save Millie from being rehomed. He looks for the positive when things get difficult and sees the good in something he loves so much. With patience and not giving up so quickly, the parents recognize that in time, their new addition is the definition of unconditional love.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

The scene that was the most fun to create with my illustrator, Jim Pearson, was when Jonathan questions if Millie has put his parents under a spell. On one page, the parents are in a comical trance which signifies a transformation. They’ve gone from frustration and threatening to rehome to the next page – talking so sweetly to Millie and sneaking her treats. Jim was so creative in bringing the entire story to life, but these pages in particular were fun to develop.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hope readers not only consider the lessons mentioned earlier (look for the positive, see the good in others, have patience, and don’t give up) if they own a pet, but apply the same life lessons with classmates, neighbors, and/or siblings.

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Author/Illustrator team Tricia Dell’Anno and Jim Pearson present A Dog in my Yard, companion to No Dog in my Yard. A funny and lyrical picture book that demonstrates the power of unconditional love, friendship, and determination.

Millie has turned the house upside down!! She chews holes in Jonathan’s undies, interrupts meetings, leaves “surprises” around the house, and so much more! When there is talk of re-homing Millie, Jonathan puts his problem-solving skills to the test and builds a case to keep her. Can he convince his parents to see the good in something he loves unconditionally?

A Dog in my Yard is a follow-up to the heartwarming and hilarious children’s book, No Dog in my Yard. Whether you have a dog or not, both books in the series are a fun read for children, parents, and teachers and promote skills that will be used for a lifetime!

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