Secrets In The Mirror

Psychology around twins is a fascinating subject. Identical twins have the same DNA, but what happens when you throw in a domineering father who favors one twin over the other? Treating one twin differently over the other twists their self-confidence and personality, sometimes for the worse. Gavin and Devon are identical mirror twins, which means they’re the opposite of each other, even though they look the same. When Devon looks into a mirror, he sees Gavin. But their twin bond can only take so much strain, right?

Secrets in the Mirror by Leslie Kain is a psychological thriller about a set of twins, Devon and Gavin, and how Devon’s narcissistic personality affects their relationship and their entire family. At first, everyone just believes that Devon is full of himself and has a lot of self-confidence. Still, after a horrific traffic accident, the doctors who treat Devon start to unravel his web of lies, diagnosing him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But, of course, Devon doesn’t believe a word of it, and he knows he is superior to everyone, including the doctors.

Gavin has always been Devon’s crutch, and this becomes worse as time goes on. Gavin is expected to clean up after Devon’s misdeeds, but eventually, Gavin realizes that he needs to protect himself from his own twin brother. One truly feels sorry for Gavin and his mother, the story’s victims.

Secrets in the Mirror by Leslie Kain is a fascinating book written from multiple perspectives, including Devon and Gavin. Kain gives readers a look into the twins’ minds through chapters from their point of view. The story takes a while to pick up and can be frustrating to read because of the personality disorders. However, I believe that just shows Kain’s ability to craft compelling characters. I recommend this book to anyone interested in twin psychology, personality disorders, and psychological thrillers.

Pages: 366 | ASIN : B0B34H59Y1

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