Magic In An Urban Setting

K.J. Amidon Author Interview

The Realm of Darkness follows a team of Guardians competing in a tournament where they must uncover secrets, fight corruption, and face off against a powerful demon threatening to destroy humanity. What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that was different from book one?

Particularly with Book 2, I was eager to explore magic in an urban setting. The setting of Book 2 is in a large city where there are cars, firearms, phones, televisions, etc., but magic is also very present. I was very excited to show magic in that setting, particularly as the main villain reveals himself to the main characters and exhibits his power.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

I enjoyed everything surrounding the first time the main characters come face-to-face with the main villain of the series. It was fun having the characters go through such a grueling rescue mission only for that rescue mission to be a trap just to get them in position to meet the villain face-to-face for the first time. Those chapters were definitely the most fun for me to write.

Was there anything that developed organically while writing the story that surprised you about your characters?

As I wrote further into Book 2, the friendship dynamics between the five main characters solidified in the story, and even though they are becoming closer as friends, it was very organic to have the main character and leader of the team, Dalton, respect the privacy of his more secretive teammates rather than push them to reveal things they are not ready to share. It was a part of his character I did not expect to happen so organically, considering he is trying his best to learn as much as he can about his mission and the colleagues helping him fight the antagonist.

What can readers expect in book three in the Dimension Guardian series?

Book 3 starts off with a period of levity and silliness only for the team to delve further into the darker parts of their mission. There is more danger, more growth, and the characters have to learn to walk the line between their jobs as Guardians and their private lives as those who are closest to Dalton are directly threatened for the purpose of bringing Dalton and his team closer to a destined battle with the demon trying to destroy the realms.

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Dimension Guardian – Book 2 Dalton Teban and his team gather once again for the second round of the Guardian Tournament, eager to continue tracking down the criminal responsible for fracturing the seal securing the five worlds. Still operating behind the distraction of the Guardian Tournament, Team Dalton focuses on weeding out the corruption in the Dimension Protection Council.However, even within their own team, there are secrets. As Keito and Hanyi begin to reveal what they already know about their foe, distrust begins to take root in the team of Guardians as the younger members wonder what other secrets their teammates are hiding. But it is not only the older Guardians keeping secrets—Council has been hiding the existence of beings that possess god-like powers and those beings are keen to make themselves known. When their enemy emerges from the shadows to reveal himself as the notoriously powerful demon, Lord Yokouro DeVastes, Dalton follows every lead he can only to discover how long Yokouro has been planning the destruction of Council and the human-inhabited realms. Twisting associations and even more terrifying allies cause Dalton to worry that he and his team are unable to defeat the menacing forces vying to rip apart the five realms. Pulled into a web of unclear intentions and strange tests, Team Dalton stumbles about their mission blindly, desperate to find a way to protect the realms and themselves from a demon intent on destroying humanity.

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