Lead With Love Instead of Leading With Fear

Author Interview
Vincent A. Watson Author Interview

21 Years…A Collection of Poems on Leadership offers a thought-provoking and insightful exploration of the nuances of leadership through engaging poetry. What is a common misconception you feel people have about leadership?

I feel the common misconception people have about leadership is that the leader is all knowing and ready to actually be a leader. When I first became a leader and responsible for the lives of other people, I didn’t know much about anything. People need to understand that it’s all the situations and challenges leaders face that shape a leader. Even the most seasoned and tenured leader doesn’t know everything. In all honesty the key to leadership is not knowing everything, it’s really a matter of understanding and knowing your people. As individuals we know ourselves very well. We know ourselves so well that we think that our leaders know us just as well. Because of this misconception, we judge leaders on how we would lead instead of giving leaders the freedom to learn and develop into their leadership role.

What poem in this collection stands out to you personally?

The poem that stands out to me personally is “Two Types of Leaders”. This poem stands out because I wrote it in about 20 minutes with very little edits. This poem just seemed to flow from my pen onto the paper. In addition, I truly believe that love will conquer all and that the leader that leads in love will positively impact the leadership environment. I love people and I lead with my heart on my sleeve. I know many people may feel it’s a weak form of leadership, but I must say that it has not failed me yet. I pray that all leaders learn to lead with love instead of leading with fear. 

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes, I have plans of publishing more works of poetry. I’m currently working on my second book, it’s a poetry book on success. I hope to have it finished by April. In addition, I’m working on a second leadership book. This book will contain more advanced concepts in leadership. Finally, I hope to finish out the year with a poetry book on dating and relationships.

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Ever questioned what it takes to lead?
Or if you’re equipped with all the tools a leader needs?
Who do leaders run to address all the concerns and questions in their mind?
To help them improve their communication skills and influence over man kind
Leadership will challenge you- this I guarantee
21 Years ago, I was full of questions and uncertainty
21 Years later, I now have a great understanding of the challenges of leader
This book was written with these questions and you in mind-the reader
21 Years ago, there was a lot I didn’t understand
Leadership has taught me how to address the professional as well as
the man
This book steps out of the seat of the leadership position
To place emphasis on the abstract aspects of leadership is its main mission
21 Years provides lessons on a leader’s ability to influence and to relate
As well as fairness, self-awareness, and the ability to communicate
Communication is only good if it’s effective
21 Years is thought provoking and sure to challenge your perspective
21 Years is unlike any leadership book written before its time
It’s unique in that all lessons are written in rhyme
Although this style of leadership book has never been written before
This collection of poems provides insight, wisdom, and so much more
21 Years is more than a collection of poems- it’s your personal mentor
So if improving your leadership skills is what you desire
21 Years is a book you must acquire

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