Higher Steps Solutions For Healing

Book Review
Dr. Louise Pyant

In Higher Steps Solutions for Healing, Dr. Pyant discusses mental wellness, being prepared, dealing with things like trauma, attracting the right energy, and being the best version of yourself. This book is a must-read for any individual that is struggling with knowing themself and fighting silent battles. Dr. Pyant uses her real-life experiences to expound on some of the issues being discussed in the book. As a reader, you are able to connect and feel the author’s concern and passion for each subject that she discusses. Higher Steps Solutions for Healing is not just a self-help book, but it is a necessity for all that aspire to live fulfilling lives.

This thought-provoking book gives the reader a sense of being heard. Dr. Pyant’s writing feels authentic and genuine. The author writes based on researched facts and lived experiences. She does not fill the pages with useless information or antidotes; rather, she writes concisely and with purpose. I enjoyed this book because of the analysis provided. It does not matter whether It is a hypothetical situation or an actual occurrence; Dr. Pyant analyzes the details and gives the reader in-depth answers.

I appreciate the section of the book titled ‘Beginnings.’ In this section, the author discusses how trauma affects the brain. This is a deep topic, and the discussion that follows is even more profound.  We learn that there are three types of trauma; Acute, Chronic, and Complex. The three may not have the same magnitude, but they all affect different people in diverse ways.

Reading about trauma, the impact trauma has on our brains, and the traumatic events the author and other people have gone through was eye-opening. I like that the author gives a step-by-step discussion in that she shares notes and gives practical guides on every topic that she writes about. Dr. Pyant, in her wisdom, wrote about critical mental issues that we face and has helped many readers face the said issues. She touches on almost every situation that the average adult has gone through, and that is what makes this book special. Some of my favorite chapters in the book were those that discussed cosmic guides, religion, finding peace, and of course, the author’s personal story.

Higher Steps Solutions for Healing is a well-written self-help book that helps readers understand the different kinds of trauma and how to work through them. At the end of the reading, one subconsciously reflects on the topics that have been discussed and take on life lessons that will aid them when dealing with trauma.

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