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Angelica Quantinet Grayer Author Interview

“The Karmatic Way Series: Side Effects” follows four women as they confront the consequences of their past choices and learn to embrace their true selves with the help of Karma’s teachings. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

One of my joys is my supernatural power to break down words and learn their etymological origin. “Karma’s a bitch,” is one of the phrases that I’ve bunked to bring light to the positive side of it. Other examples can be heard on The Angelic Expressive Podcast. 

Side Effects will help my readers own themselves more, and be more accountable for their actions to get what they deserve, desire, and dream for their life with their connections, powers, and freedom. 

Which includes the power and freedom of their words when they speak. Their actions are their karma, and what they want to come back in their life as a result of their words and actions.

That’s the bitch, the loyal dog.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Both sides of Karma are the driving idea behind the individual characters’ development in Side Effects. Not to give the story away, two distinctive characters represent the sides of karma, good and bad, and positive and negative. As well as the embodiment of the phrase, “Karma’s a bitch,” without being slowed down by what others say or think about them and their life. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Whew, there are so many. Some of the important themes that I explored in Side Effects were the bond and friction between siblings, friendships along with the saying ‘blood is thicker than water,’ parental relationships with their children, children growing up and going beyond their parent’s expectations even if it looks different, relationships with a significant other, generational wealth, and the beneficial opportunities of homeschooling.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I’ve got three books in different working stages.

The first book I am working on publishing with the help of an agent is a self-help book sharing how I overcame addiction without traditional means by using my supernatural powers and showing others how they can do the same and acquiring a new perspective of addiction to do so 

Not sure when it will be available so stay tuned. 

Then my next work in progress is book two in The Karmatic Way Series which continues Karma’s journey on becoming a human by obtaining a vital principle within men and animals for herself, by way of a daughter who seeks revenge on her mother and sister.

My goal is to have it complete and available in a year, however I’ve got hopes for sooner. 

Lastly, my eldest son and I wrote a book together and I’m working on the best route to go for him. Stay tuned for that as well. 

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After centuries of human invocation, Karma is fed up with humanity’s amnesia of their divine inheritance and the blaming of her name.

Living up to the universal and etymological meaning of the phrase, “Karma’s a bitch,” Karma will take the same universal and humane measures to manifest herself on earth while teaching and reminding those who come along on her journey who they all really are.
In Side Effects, Karma begins her incarnation journey from a phrase to a human being, through narration, by speaking up, an action that would have benefited the four women in this story.
Treesy Sands is a successful club owner but not free to live her own life. Ready to make a change and embrace new love, Treesy must first unbind herself from the vow that she made to her sister and forgive herself for the death of her parents.
Twinkle Sands is a free and independent spirit but her blindness puts a strain on the relationship with her sister Tressy who was raised to take care of her. Being a successful club owner is not enough, Twinkle still feels caged. With the opportunity of a new romantic relationship knocking at her door and a risky eye surgery, Twinkle is hopeful to finally see the perfect vision that she needs for a happy life.
Luci Packens never had her mother’s love like she needed, so that hole in her heart yearned for a sister. Knowing her desire, Luci foolishly allows herself to be a pawn in her mother’s game with hopes of getting both as a reward.
Tracy Wright is a foster child that was turned into an agent after the death of her foster sister, the only real family she’s ever known. Now years later, she is assigned to a case that will shine a light on her mysterious past and the hole in her heart.
These four women will find out how much their parents’ choices affect their life in the now.
Because the power to change their future is within their grasp but will they, before the side effects from the past, make it their last.

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