Appreciate All Life Has To Offer

David Grote Interview

“I Like Mud” is a collection of poetry written by Margaret Grote about the simple joys of everyday life to remind readers to appreciate each day and enjoy the small moments. What inspired you to publish your mother’s work 17 years later?

It had been in the back of my mind for quite a while. Several years ago I had the idea that it would be cool to have 1st and 2nd graders illustrate the poems with their artwork. I had an entire class of 2nd graders do illustrations for two of the poems with the idea that I would pick the best ones to use. It was a nice idea but the illustrations were not what I had hoped. Then a couple years ago my cousin visited and I showed her the poems. She was excited about the idea of doing some illustrations. And you can see the results. I think she did an amazing job of capturing the sentiments in the poems.

What was the collaboration process with your cousin and illustrator Marcia Wheelan Coles like to bring this collection of poetry to life?

It was great. She showed me her work in progress and I gave my comments. But the book is Marcia’s accomplishment much more than mine. I contributed my mother’s poetry and she took off with it. We originally had 27 poems, each with its own page. Because of the awesomeness of the illustrations, I suggested we do a full spread for each poem and do two books. So the next book will be out shortly with the other half of the poems.

What is one of your favorite memories that come to mind when reading the poems your mom left for you to publish?

Nothing too specific, but my mom passed along her love of dogs to me. So the “My Dog” poem is especially emotional to me, thinking back on a couple of the dogs I grew up with and loved with all my heart.

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from “I Like Mud”?

To take the time to appreciate all life has to offer. It is easy to take so much for granted. Children are better at living in the moment and getting joy from things like the ice cream truck, or the beach, or playing in the mud. That ability disappears for most adults, although I think many grandparent-age adults are able to regain that. I know it is a children’s book but I believe I Like Mud has as much to offer adults as it does to children.

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In the final year of her life, award-winning poet Margaret Grote (1922-2005) handed a collection of poems to her son, David, with instructions to “do something” with them. David jumped right on it, and 17 years later approached his cousin, Marcia Wheelan Coles, a children’s book author and illustrator. Truth be told, these whimsical and sometimes poignant poems were gathering dust in David’s closet until Marcia brought them to life with her beautiful artwork. Growing up during the Depression, Margaret came to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, a theme recurrent in these poems. Mother of four, she was an artist, photographer, writer, and poet. She taught fourth grade for 35 years. Her love of children is on full display in these pages, and although the writing is meant for children, young-at-heart adults will also love this collection. Somewhere, Margaret is smiling, knowing that her son finally kept his promise, and that her work lives on, bringing joy and laughter to a whole new generation of children

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