Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time

Glenn Searfoss’s novel, Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time, presents a captivating and innovative interpretation of the renowned character of Sherlock Holmes. The plot is an enthralling mystery that commences with Dr. John Watson receiving a desperate plea for assistance from a street urchin named Bobby. Upon arriving at 221b Baker Street, Watson discovers a traumatized maid and a seemingly unresponsive Sherlock, who claims to be in a state of profound shock. In an attempt to revive his colleague, Watson retraces Sherlock’s steps, which leads to discovering a vast, unblemished circle in a burnt-down warehouse. As Sherlock awakens from his state of shock, he recounts a fantastical tale involving a time traveler who triggered the conflagration and the enigmatic circle.

The classic sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, is legendary and a favorite among mystery aficionados. Recently, there has been a trend in the literary world where authors have reimagined these timeless characters. A fresh and innovative approach to the most famous detective in history is always welcome, and Searfoss delivers precisely that with this new interpretation. I found the change in Sherlock Holmes’s character, particularly when he slips into a catatonic state for days on end, living in his filth, to be a refreshing alteration. The author’s use of old-fashioned English-style writing was a delightful surprise and felt authentic. Furthermore, the novel presents a compelling and unique storyline that cleverly merges the fantasy and science fiction elements of H.G. Wells’s works with the logical reasoning that characterizes the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Searfoss has deftly crafted an original and captivating narrative that builds upon both writers’ works, resulting in an intriguing and exceptional read.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time is an exciting and refreshing take on the iconic character of Sherlock Holmes. Searfoss skillfully weaves together elements of different genres to produce a new and original story that will enthrall and captivate readers.

Pages: 216 | ISBN: 1804241857

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