Once upon a Wonderland

Embark on a riveting adventure in the world of Wonderland with Alice as she sets out on a quest to reunite with her true love, Jack. Will Alice overcome the challenges that come her way and unravel the secrets of Wonderland, or will she be met with a new set of obstacles? While navigating through her troubles, Alice remains true to herself and stays grounded, all while finding herself once again in the mystical realm of Wonderland after being unconsciously transported back by an overwhelming wave during a swim day.

In his interpretation of Alice, Dj Stoneham portrays a strong and determined protagonist, challenging traditional narratives and prompting readers to rethink their perceptions of the modern woman. By integrating classic folklore with contemporary themes, the author ingeniously merges the old and the new in this narrative. Alice, in particular, defies societal expectations and chooses to embark on a journey of self-discovery and happiness rather than conforming to domestic ideals. Moreover, the novel features an array of captivating characters and fantastical creatures, including mermaids and exotic sea creatures, that Alice converses with. Dj Stoneham masterfully weaves together various elements of fantasy and adventure, breathing new life into the classic tale of Alice.

Having thoroughly enjoyed reading Once Upon A Wonderland, I wholeheartedly recommend this book for its creativity, modernity, and enchanting storytelling. This novel is a must-read for young adults who seek to challenge traditional norms and indulge in a mesmerizing tale filled with fascinating characters and narratives. Dj Stoneham’s fresh take on Alice’s world is sure to ignite the imagination and leave readers spellbound.

Pages: 361 | ASIN : B0BWS6C5WB

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