Tales from Brook Meadow: The Tale of the Fallen Eggs

One morning after a strong wind storm, a little Blue Tit named Barry discovered that his four eggs were missing. The storm blew them away, and now he has no idea where to find them. He goes to the water voles, Wilson and Felicity, begging for help. They jump right into action seeking the field mice twins, Jeremy and Vincent, to aid in the search. Once the mice were told of the situation, they raced back to Barry’s tree and, along the way, ran into the fox Victor. Victor is wise and knows everything that goes on in the woods around him; he, too, sets off to the tree to help find the missing eggs. Quickly Victor points out that the eggs must have blown into the river. Wilson and Felicity dive down and soon find the first missing egg. Can they work together and find all four missing eggs and save Barry’s family?

Tales from Brook Meadow: The Tale of the Fallen Eggs, written by Kevin Richardson and illustrated by Caroline Hazell, is a heartwarming children’s book about teamwork and friendship. Children will see in this picture book how animals from all over the woods, even a fox, come together despite their differences and work together when disaster strikes. No one said, “This is not my problem.” Instead, they ran right to help. This is a wonderful example for children to see that just because people look or act differently, that does not mean you should leave them on their own. This is a lesson that is vastly important for children to hear to help them learn empathy. The missing eggs did not impact anyone else, but they chose to help their neighbor just because it was the right thing to do. This is the value of building a community, and one that children will be able to relate to and understand.

Tales from Brook Meadow: The Tale of the Fallen Eggs is a captivating childrens book about a group of animals that all work together to help save four lost eggs. It is through teamwork they are able to find the missing eggs and return them to the nest high in the branches. This is a wonderful addition to any classroom or home library, and children and adults will love reading this story and admiring the amazing artwork.

Pages: 35 | ISBN : 1925839346

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