The Shametown Saga

The debut novel by Andrew Hobgood, The Shametown Saga, is a brilliantly crafted and biting piece of satire that aims at a range of contemporary issues, from cancel culture to rural-urban divides. Hobgood has skillfully crafted a narrative that is at once darkly humorous and thought-provoking, with a cast of characters that are both hilarious and relatable. At the heart of the story is Rami, a former tech startup wunderkind who falls from grace after a single ill-advised tweet. Forced to flee the city and start anew, Rami finds himself in the company of the journalist who caused his downfall, Brooke, after she is canceled for a similar offense. Together, they set out to rebuild their lives in rural Montana but face resistance from the locals, who fear that their arrival will spell the end of their way of life.

Hobgood’s deft touch with characterization is on full display in The Shametown Saga. Each character is fully realized, with their own unique quirks and motivations. The author walks a fine line between creating humorous and likable characters and avoiding the trap of making them into caricatures. The result is a cast of characters that are both entertaining and believable. The narrative is also marked by a sense of escalating absurdity as more and more people flock to Rami’s ranch in Montana, each with their own bizarre reason for being canceled.

Meanwhile, the locals’ reactions grow increasingly outrageous, leading to a series of hilarious and unexpected twists and turns. But The Shametown Saga is more than just a comedic romp. At its core, it is a mystery story with a plot that is full of surprises and unexpected turns. The result is a book that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, gasping and laughing in equal measure.

In short, The Shametown Saga is a brilliant piece of satire that is sure to appeal to readers of all political persuasions. This book will keep you entertained from the very first page while also challenging your assumptions and making you think. Highly recommended.

Pages: 185 | ASIN : B0C2P3WHHK

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