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L.T. Caton Author Interview

Find Me in Time: Meeting Columbus follows a group of friends with a magical treehouse who travel through time to see history take place in real life. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The concept of time travel has always been fascinating to me, and I wanted to create a story that would not only entertain children but also educate them about important historical events. The idea of a magical treehouse that transports a group of friends to different eras seemed like the perfect way to make the story both magical and educational.

What was your inspiration for the characters and their relationships?

The characters’ relationships were inspired by my experiences growing up and my relationships with my peers. I wanted to show how a group of friends can work together to solve problems and achieve their goals. As society becomes increasingly diverse, I sought to reflect this reality with a wide range of relatable characters that could provide valuable insights and knowledge.

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

Accurately portraying the historical events that my characters experienced was of utmost importance to me. To achieve this, I researched the era extensively and consulted with historians to ensure the details were precise. Moreover, I underscored the significance of learning from the past and how historical events influence contemporary society.

Furthermore, I intended to introduced students to the conflicting versions of history. It is crucial for children to comprehend that history is not always clear-cut, and that diverse perspectives and interpretations can shape our perceptions of the past. By delving into different viewpoints, my objective is to encourage critical thinking and instill a greater appreciation for the intricacy of history.

What will the next book in that series be about and when will it be published?

The next book in the series will take the characters to 1961 to explore the first lunar landing. I’m excited to take readers on this journey and show them what it was like to witness such a historic moment. The book is scheduled to be published in August 2023, so keep an eye out for it!

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A group of young friends travel back in time to key periods in history in this new chapter book adventure series, making learning fun!
A normal day of hide-and-seek turns into a discovery of a lifetime when five young friends are transported back in time after finding a secret clubhouse at the top of a sycamore tree. Dubbing themselves the Tree House Club, Ashley, Emma, Keith, Aaron, and Harry learn that events of the past didn’t necessarily unfold the way they learned in school.
The treehouse has magical abilities that take Ashley and her friends to Guanahani in 1492, a time the kids requested to witness Christopher Columbus’s first arrival on his voyage to the New World!
There, the friends—dubbed the Tree House Club—meet the kind and generous Taino Lukku-Cairo tribespeople who welcome their new visitors with food and gifts.
It isn’t long before the Taino chief, Tiburon, and the Tree House Club friends see three sailing ships approaching. With history on their side, the kids realize it is the famed explorer, Christopher Columbus, who quickly makes his claim for the Taino’s native land for the Queen of Spain.
The kids soon learn that what their history books did not teach them was some of the lesser-known facts about Columbus, his greedy intentions in Guanahani—or San Salvador, as he named it—and his poor treatment of the humble Taino people.
But the children’s friendships with the Taino put their own lives in danger from the European colonists. Will the treehouse save them in time? Order your copy now and find out!

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