The Sloth Who Didn’t Want to Be King

Lazy, the Prince of All Sloths, is the main character of The Sloth Who Didn’t Want to Be King, a charming and whimsical adventure by Guy Finkelstein. This delightful story takes us on a journey of self-discovery with Prince Lazy, who is not so lazy after all. In a kingdom where a relaxed pace and minimal effort are encouraged, Prince Lazy finds himself a royal misfit, an overachiever in a land where apathy reigns supreme. However, when he befriends Digdigdig, an adorable hedgehog, he decides to explore the world and discovers that true friendship may be the key to finding what truly matters.

As a reader, I appreciated the reversal of the traditional hero’s journey in this book, where the protagonist must overcome their inner slothfulness to save the day. In contrast, Prince Lazy’s desire to work and create new things is the main challenge in a realm where apathy is everything. This is a refreshing and unique take on the genre, which I found captivating.

The characters in this book are endearing, and I particularly enjoyed the charming and lovable Digdigdig, who adds a charismatic touch to the story. Prince Lazy and Digdigdig’s adventures are nothing short of enchanting. They traverse many lands, each as unique and exciting as the last. The world-building in this book is top-notch, and I found myself transported to the magical lands along with the protagonists.

What makes this book truly special is Finkelstein’s storytelling. She has masterfully woven the story, creating a heartwarming and inspirational tale that is both magical and captivating. The book’s penultimate chapter is especially poignant, bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion. I was left with a sense of wonder and fulfillment upon finishing the book. The book is a testament to Finkelstein’s ability to pack so much adventure and excitement into mere hundred-or-so pages. The story will surely capture the hearts of readers who enjoy exploring far-off magical worlds and experiencing fantastic adventures.

Overall, The Sloth Who Didn’t Want to Be King is a beautiful and engaging read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves magical fairy-tale settings and classical storytelling at its finest.

Pages: 90 | ISBN : 1602804923

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  1. A lovely story Adventures in magical lands warmly recommended🦄


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