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What I Would Wish to Be

When you were a child, what did you wish to be? Was it an astronaut so you could explore space or a doctor to heal the sick? In What I would Wish to Be, Trey’s father asks him if he could be anything he wanted, what would it be? Trey’s responses are creative and unexpected and throw his father for a loop when he mentions he wishes to be a tree, the wind, the sea, and much more.

Author Michele Sayre sparks young readers’ curiosity with her charming story of Trey and his conversation with his father. I felt that Trey’s responses were spot on, and it was as if I were speaking to a child. I loved Trey’s imagination and how he dared to be something that others wouldn’t think of. This creative and free-spirited read will surely spark the imagination of young readers.

This is the perfect book for teachers to read to their students and, as an exercise, have them write about what they want to be and see what they come up with. The illustrations are eye-catching and reminded me of the Baby John videos. The rhyming scheme made this a fun read that will teach young readers how to rhyme without them even realizing it.

I highly recommend What I would Wish to Be to parents and young readers as this is the perfect book to spark up a conversation before bedtime.   

Pages: 46 | ASIN : B0BRGYC5LX

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Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound

Young Julien is excited for the end of the school day; he has finished all his work and is now ready to settle in and read the latest comic starring his favorite superhero, Bluebullet! Just as he gets to the book’s exciting parts, a dapper crow hops up and starts squawking. Julien tries to shush him unsuccessfully. Returning to his story, he is interrupted again, this time by sneezing bees! Alas, this is not the end of the distractions. At one point, Julien losses his temper with the creatures around him, and suddenly out of the sky, appears none other than his hero, Bluebullet. Can his hero help him sort out his mess and finish reading his comic?

Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound: The Quiet Wants of Julien J. is a fantastically well-written children’s book about dealing with tough emotions. Author Dr. Drew Palacio has written a story that many children will relate to. The frustrations of trying to concentrate on something, be it reading, building a lego set, or doing school work, sounds, and other activities, can be extremely distracting. This especially reminded me of my son, who is on the spectrum, and all distractions can trigger reactions like Julien has in this book. The advice that Bluebullet gives Julien is perfect and written in a way that elementary-level children can comprehend and put into practice.

Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound is a wonderful children’s book on dealing with strong emotions and learning an appropriate way to respond to things. This imaginative story is perfect for teachers and families to help children learn how to control their feelings without lashing out and teach them skills that will last them a lifetime.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 1953021506

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She’s Still Here

Kate Sablowsky just moved to Iowa with her famous news anchor mom, Maria Silver. Following the move, Kate starts the seventh grade at Ravendale middle school, where she discovers more than just a cast of kooky teachers. She quickly finds out that she has a gift passed down that allows her to see and speak with the dead. With this skill, she meets Jane, a shy girl who loves chemistry but who died a tragic death in school over 20 years ago. Jane is not fully sure of why and how she died; is there possibly a killer on the loose? You can find out in the first installment of the Kate Sablowsky Paranormal Investigator Series, She’s Still Here by Caitlin Alexander!

This exciting book is a much-welcomed refresh to the middle-grade detective/horror genre. It has all of the simple but entertaining qualities of a classic Nancy Drew mixed with the spookiness of John Bellairs’ works.

Alexander’s writing is simplistic in language but has enough complexities in the plot to make the book appropriate for the targeted audience. As an adult reading this, I was still thoroughly entertained and engaged. Throughout the book, Alexander hints that the killer may still walk amongst the school halls, but all is not what it seems, and I appreciated that final twist to make the book less predictable.

Seeing as She’s Still Here is the first book in a series, I am hoping to see Kate’s character grow and evolve. I feel that Kate comes off as a bit shallow and unwilling to embrace small-town life at the start. The characters encounter typical teenage social situations and struggle to adjust and fit in with peers. Middle-grade readers will be able to relate and sympathize with the characters’ feelings as they navigate middle school. These themes are mixed into the storyline seamlessly next to the paranormal mystery and adventure components.

She’s Still Here by Caitlin Alexander is a gripping paranormal mystery and adventure novel for middle-grade readers that a wide age group can enjoy. I look forward to reading more books in this series.

Pages: 184 | ASIN : B0BHFDRYVW

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Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! is the cautionary tale of three hungry mice in search of the big payoff of cheese. These three are named Footloose, Fancy, and Free, and they plan to indulge in some gourmet cheese at the cheese emporium. After sneaking into the cheese store, they enjoy a night of stuffing themselves full of wonderful cheese. However, when it is time to head out, they discover they are overstuffed and can no longer get out of the store. The resident cat, Gourmet, discovers their plight, and she is all set to dine on fat mice for dinner. After a series of events that leave the mice and cat in quite a state, a valuable lesson is learned by all.

T.C. Bartlett has written and illustrated a humorous children’s book that even adults will find entertaining. From the original and funny names of the mice and cat to the amusing situations the three mice get caught up in, each page gives readers something new to laugh about. This amusing story does end with a cautionary note reminiscent of a fable. It is perfect for opening up discussions with children about the moderation of snacks and the importance of taking care of their eyesight. I can see this story being used for a lot of creative lessons in kindergarten or preschool classes, like building a mouse trap and mapping out an escape route.

Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! is an adventure tale of three mice and their daring escape after a night indulging in cheese. Teachers and families will love reading this extraordinary picture book to children and sharing the exceptional artwork created by T.C. Bartlett.

Pages: 48 | ISBN : 173390865X

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Milo Savage and the Gargoyle Hunters

Milo Savage is a happy-go-lucky kid who loves a good prank. Unfortunately for Milo, his troubles are only beginning as he finds more than he bargained for at the sixth-grade field trip to the museum. Untold horrors lurk in the shadows, keen on discovering a secret that may spell disaster for all mankind. Drawn suddenly into a world of magic and mayhem, Milo must overcome the obstacles within himself to save the day. Working alongside bookworm Suzy, technician Sammy, and martial artist Kat, Milo plummets into danger as he struggles to navigate a world he barely comprehends. Together, Milo and his team of unlikely adventurers must fight to protect humanity from a devastating threat that seeks to undo the balance of the world once and for all.

Milo Savage and the Gargoyle Hunters: Secret of the Moonstone by D.S. Quinton is a fast-paced adventure with a lot to love. There are numerous colorful characters, but the narrative avoids becoming cluttered. Written in a highly engaging first-person style, the reader is immediately drawn into Milo’s optimistically sarcastic world, which strikes the perfect balance of playful storytelling and serious plot. There is plenty of comic relief, and although Milo and his friends face numerous threats and dangers, the story retains its bright tone throughout the journey. With action-packed battles, an immersive setting, and the promise of more to come, this first entry in the series is an outstanding middle-grade adventure.

While this children’s fantasy adventure novel is gripping and filled with action, there is one detraction to the story, the character development. While the characters learn and grow throughout the journey, this team of heroes comprises people who met that day. I feel that the characters needed more time to develop and establish themselves before embarking on a dangerous quest to save the world. The ending of this novel will leave readers excited for more from author D.S. Quinton. This first book sets up the plot for the next in the series, leaving many questions and room for more adventures.

Milo’s quest to protect the world in Milo Savage and the Gargoyle Hunters: Secret of the Moonstone is a stand-out escapade full of surprises. This children’s fantasy novel contains minor violence and crude humor, making it ideal for middle-grade readers. A tale of magic, mystery, and fun, this lighthearted journey into a perilous world is a beautiful beginning to what promises to be an incredible series.

Pages: 250 | ASIN : B0BMQR8PHG

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Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You

Children need to know that they are special, and loved, and that they can rely on Jesus. Author Abbey Feldkamp has written a dazzling children’s book that will warm children’s hearts. This vibrant picture book is a love letter to young ones. I can imagine me saying this quote from the book to my child, “I love you so much, in all of your ways, in all of our moments, all of our days.” Every rhyme contains wonderfully emotive, loving and empowering words just like this.

Every page of this inspiring picture book contains a wonderfully hand-drawn illustration that depicts different children in a variety of joyous situations. I loved the diversity in this book. There are so many different people from different cultures and races represented in this heartfelt kid’s book. There is even a beautiful child with vitiligo on one of the pages, which I think is underrepresented in children’s literature. Children will love how bright the artwork is and how expressive each character is. The stunning artwork will surely keep the attention of little ones as their parents read them this magnificent story at bedtime. And what a sweet message this book sends them off to bed with.

Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent is a short but impactful children’s book that will inspire faith in kids and motivate them to think about what makes them special, and to embrace it because God made them that way. This is a picture book that exudes love and is filled with cute illustrations. I highly recommend this to parents or to anyone who wants to give a beautiful gift to a young child.

Pages: 20 | ASIN: B0BKR6T4YC

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The Witch’s Family

In this illustrated children’s book, The Witch’s Family, written by JJ Page, we follow a young Witch with a large family of pets that she cares for dearly and works hard studying every day. However, it soon all becomes too overwhelming for her, and she ends up getting sick. She is then taken care of in turn by her chosen family and friends. This is a magically fantastical story about friendship and family.

I absolutely loved this story; I didn’t want the story to end. Having friends and family, you can rely on is so important in life. We all need help from time to time, and it’s good to know someone has your back in times of need.

The book’s message was well thought out, and I could feel that there is so much world-building that isn’t even mentioned directly but is just given through the poetic prose of the text and the beauty of the illustrations. It reminded me immensely of ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ in all the best ways. The Witch’s pets, whom she called her family, were all so varied in species and size that they brought feelings of acceptance, which I feel is also an important lesson for young readers to understand.

The Witch’s Family is an inspirational picture book filled with the message of kindness, compassion, and caring for those in need. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone of any age because it is just such a beautiful story that is delivered masterfully. It would make an excellent addition to a home or school library to help young elementary children understand acceptance and compassion.

Pages: 44 | ASIN : B0BGW61M4B

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Princess Hope & Snowflake The Quest

Princess Hope lives on beautiful Rainbow Island alongside her beloved father, White Eagle, and the members of her tribe. When threatened by a band of bloodthirsty pirates, Princess Hope uses her abilities to ask her animal friends for aid in protecting her home. However, after clashing with the pirates, Hope’s world is suddenly turned even further upside down as she stands on the brink of losing her beloved father forever. Embarking on an epic quest alongside Snowflake, the white grizzly cub with blue eyes, Spirit the eagle, Lobo the wolf, and Thor the cougar, Princess Hope must learn the true meaning of selflessness and sacrifice as she fights for her father’s life.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest by Clark W. Colepaugh is a unique adventure that takes place in the Pacific. Hope and the people of Rainbow Island have many elements of Native American culture, with neighboring islands infused with the myths and legends of the Pacific Islands. Young Hope is a stalwart girl who is willing to risk everything to protect those she loves, and she and her animal companions learn many valuable lessons about heroism along the way. The story is fast-paced and kept my interest throughout its pages, which feature gorgeous full-color photographs. Hope’s journey spoke to my heart as the quest full of twists and turns swiftly progressed to a satisfying conclusion.

There were a few places in the story where the action slowed for explanatory purposes but remained interesting nonetheless. In addition, numerous type errors were distracting; however, the plot is so intriguing that it overcomes these minor difficulties with ease as Hope continues her quest.

One unique addition to this extraordinary novel is the inclusion of songs and poetry. These additions allow readers to feel a deeper connection with the characters and story. Music can touch people’s souls in a way that prose does not always do; thus, the inclusion of these allows readers to become fully emersed in the journey of characters.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest is a one-of-a-kind narrative about family, courage, and sacrifice. Its originality and highly compelling story make this novel stand out in children’s fiction. Recommended for ages 12 and up due to violence and blood, this unique tale is an out-of-the-box adventure that pulls the reader into a rich world of mythology and the value of friendship. An unforgettable journey to save a father’s life, the story of Princess Hope and Snowflake is a tale of courage and wisdom in the face of danger.

Pages: 109 | ASIN : B0BGMMWHFS

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