The Adventures of the Soul Sistas: or How the Sisters Changed the World

The Adventures of the Soul Sistas: or How the Sisters Changed the World, is a wonderfully written story that teaches children about the beauty of adoption and multicultural families. In this heartwarming children’s book, two people, Alexandra and Nathan Spirit, find themselves living on a farm in the country, way out of their comfort zone. They want to have a family but are unable, and through some extraordinary circumstances, they wind up with the chance to adopt not one but two little girls. So in this small rural town, this unique family with two Black parents, one white child, and one Black child face constant looks and were not included in many events. How will the sisters handle heading off to school when it is time?

Author Newton Vanriel has written a fantastic book about adoption and the challenges that raising a multicultural family can face. In addition, while not biologically twins, the girls are so close in age that they act like twins. This story covers many topics parents sometimes find hard to explain to young children. This book is written in a way that is perfect for reading together and opening up discussions. It is broken up so that it is easy to stop and talk about the different situations that come up. I love the little poems that are included as well. They are like a summary and motivational lesson, all in a couple of lines summarizing the topic on the page before it. The artwork by Monique Ra Brent is bright and colorful; it will appeal to children and bring a smile to those reading this captivating story.

The Adventures of the Soul Sistas: or How the Sisters Changed the World, is an inspiring story for children struggling with fitting in, that are adopted, or who come from mixed families. The world is full of exciting and different people, and family comprises the people you love and support you. Sisters do not have to look alike, and diversity is a beautiful thing.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B0BJP3JKT4

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  1. This is so sad and yet so beautiful at the same time


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