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Are You A Bird Like Me?

Are You A Bird Like Me? Is a captivating tale of a little bird named Sky who, with the help of her friends, learns to fly. Newly hatched Sky accidentally falls out of her nest while her parents are out looking for worms. Unable to fly back up to her nest, she ventures out to look for her parents. Along the way, she meets Nutso the squirrel, Mona, the butterfly, and Stretch the Giraffe, who all lend a helping hand. But will Sky overcome her fear of failing and take to the skies?

Authors Ms. Noel Foy and Mr. Nicholas Roberto have crafted a charming and heartwarming story that will capture the imagination of young readers. Sky is an endearing character, and her journey of growth and self-discovery is beautifully portrayed. The friendship and support of Sky’s animal companions are uplifting and show the power of collaboration in achieving a shared goal. The book’s illustrations are enchanting and transport readers into Sky’s world. Ms. Foy and Mr. Roberto skillfully weave a message of teamwork, courage, and perseverance that applies to readers of all ages. The book’s overarching theme is particularly relevant for young readers who are learning the value of working together to achieve a common goal, both in school and later in life.

Are You A Bird Like Me? is an inspiring and delightful read that encourages young readers to face their fears, try new things, and accept help from others. I highly recommend this book to young readers as it is sure to capture their hearts and imaginations as they follow Sky and her friends on their quest to help her find her way back home.

Pages: 54 | ISBN : 1625020562

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Spiral: Book One Of The Crane Trilogy

Spiral by James M. Fisher is a captivating coming-of-age novel that follows the story of Michael Price, a young man deeply affected by his mother’s loss. His happy life crumbles when his father remarries a Trophy Wife, and Michael is forced to attend a Catholic private school, where he struggles to fit in. He befriends a football jock named Dave, who helps him make school feel less lonely. Michael is once again uprooted from his California life and is moved to Utah. He befriends Tony, who introduces him to the world of punk, self-destruction, and Danielle.

The author takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as we follow Michael through his struggles and triumphs. The story opens on a dramatic note, and I was immediately intrigued. Fisher adeptly highlights the stark contrast between life in California and life in Utah, adding depth to the story and characters. The dialogue feels real, and I began to feel sorry for Michael because of what he dealt with his stepmother and real father. I was sad to see Michael and his father’s relationship deteriorated after the passing of his mother.

Through vivid descriptions and Michael’s nightmares, the author allows readers to understand Michael better and relate to his angsty teenage character. I found it amusing that Michael referred to his parents as “real mom,” “jock dad,” and “trophy wife,” as this shows his true feelings towards the people in his life. This short read moves at a smooth pace, but the tension picks up in the middle of the book, immersing readers into Michael’s world.

This unpredictable and unexpected twist had me guessing until the very end. Overall, Spiral is an enthralling read that many readers will empathize with, as we have all experienced life-changing events that shape us into who we are today. I eagerly anticipate the next book in this series.

Pages: 268 | ASIN : B07NFBVBZ9

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Twins Mac & Madi Back to School

Twins Mac & Madi Back to School is a beautifully written picture book about twin sisters who will be separated at school for the first time in their lives. Due to an injury, Madi would have to ride a bus and go to a different school than her twin Mac. Neither was happy about this situation, and both feared having to go to third grade without the other. However, their wonderful mom helped them through this challenging time, and they learned that doing things apart is not always bad.

Twins have a special bond, and it can be a challenge when they have to do different things at a young age. This heartfelt story also addresses the fears of young children when they have to do something different and new. Making new friends is hard, and going someplace new without knowing anyone is also tricky. These topics are addressed in a way that young children can understand and see that their fears are normal. Author Linda Herron gives children relatable situations and solutions that are adaptable to their own lives. I love how Herron validates the girls’ feelings and does not minimize their struggles. Kids in early elementary need to know that their feelings are normal and it is ok to have them.

Twins Mac & Madi Back to School, written by Linda Herron and beautifully illustrated by Marie Delon, is a phenomenal picture book that teaches children about friendship, dealing with new situations, and how to manage their feelings of fear and the unknown. I highly recommend this for children that are starting a new school and dealing with new situations.

Pages: 31 | ASIN : B0BC9RHYSF

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Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly

Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly, written by Tuula Pere and Francesco Orazzini, is a sweet story about two circus companions, one young and agile, the other old and wise, that make the perfect team. Rolly, fresh and eager to learn the tricks of the trade, pick up the acts quickly and becomes beloved by their child audience in no time. Roscoe, the more seasoned actor of the duo, is Rolly’s mentor, but he is growing older and playing a less active role in the show. Leaving Roscoe struggling to find purpose in the show that, as he sees it, is doing just fine without him. When disaster strikes, Roscoe proves he still has one more trick up his sleeve, and only he can save the day.

This is a beautifully written story of two friends who, although at different stages of their lives, show compassion, understanding, and strength for one another. The authors do a remarkable job of highlighting the importance of realizing your strengths and never giving up in life. Along with the charming illustrations, this is the perfect story for young readers because it is easy to follow, and the message is evident throughout. It is incredibly vital to instill perseverance and self-confidence no matter the circumstance, and these delightfully lovable characters succeed in allowing this message to shine through.

Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly, written by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Francesco Orazzini, is a heartwarming picturebook about appreciating everyone is different and has different skills and abilities. This wonderful children’s story shows kids that everyone has value in life and can make a difference positively.

Pages: 20 | ASIN : B07HYYWBL2

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The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure by Andree Jannette follows the story of three older women; Cathy, Linda, and Betsy. The women had met at a book club in their hometown, and although they come from different backgrounds, they quickly became acquainted. Their promise to a dear friend to scatter her ashes at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico leads them on a journey of adventure, friendship, and romance. Following a late-night incident that brings them into an encounter with an injured dog, the trio finds themselves in an RV community. After spending a few weeks in this community,  each woman’s life changes unexpectedly.

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure focuses on three older women. Andree Jannette did a fine job shedding light on the conditions that accompany humans’ aging process, including illnesses,  grief, and uncertainty. The novel presents the ups and downs of old age, a reality not often explored in literary works. It consists of colorful elderly characters as they retain the youth’s passion, adventurous spirit, and romance. The author refuses to present these characters as frail or dependent. Reading this helps one come to terms with aging and the end of life. The book is also incredibly heartwarming, with the inclusion of pet characters.

Jannette has written a comforting story of healing. However, at times I felt the storytelling was disjointed; secondary characters tended to overshadow the leading trio in the plot. Despite those things, this is a story of strength, of finding the spark and passion inside of oneself to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Life is full of the unexpected, and this novel teaches readers that even those moments, while they might look bad at the start, can lead to beautiful discoveries.

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure is a beautifully written women’s adventure novel. The bonds of friendship between the characters and the sparks of romance they feel will keep readers engaged and following the trio through this unexpected journey they end up on together.

Pages: 308 | ASIN : B0BD22NSLF

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Kindness Has the Power to Change Lives

Tania Woznicki Author Interview

Marty and Lenny follows a friendly monkey who decides to befriend the school bully in hopes of helping him change. When you set out to write this book, was it your intention to write a story filled with kindness and morality?

Yes, it was definitely my intention. My aim was to create an entertaining children’s book designed to teach and inspire children to be kind to others, even when at first it may seem difficult.

I was inspired by research on the positive effects of oxytocin (the love hormone) on the mind and body. Showing and receiving kindness are ways we can boost oxytocin levels. Every act of kindness counts and repeated acts of kindness, have the power to change lives and make the world a better place.

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art creation process like?

For the artwork in Marty and Lenny, I contracted Stefanie, an amazing, talented illustrator through Tellwell Publishing. I had a clear vision of the style of artwork I wanted based on the many picture books I had enjoyed reading in the past. I asked for bright, colourful and dynamic illustrations which effectively portrayed the emotions experienced by the characters in the story. I then created a storyboard and detailed descriptions for each illustration. Based on these descriptions, the illustrator created draft sketches for each illustration and then submitted them to me for review and feedback. Adjustments were made based on feedback and then colour was added to complete the illustrations. When I saw the finished products, I was thrilled and excited to see the story coming to life!

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

The power of kindness and the importance of good manners, were two of the main educational aspects I wanted to include in this book. My desire was to teach children that sometimes, the people who find it challenging to show kindness, can be the ones who need it the most. Everyone longs to belong and feel valued.

In addition to this, the story is a narrative poem designed for young readers. I chose this form of storytelling because poetry motivates children to read and builds early literacy skills. It helps children learn about rhyme, rhythm and sound. I was also intentional about the vocabulary I included in the story to help young children build their vocabulary.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am in the process of writing some draft manuscripts, which all have a special message for young readers. However, there is no current set release date for these yet. 

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Marty and Lenny is an encouraging story about the power of kindness.

Marty is a sweet, helpful monkey with lovely manners. Lenny is the complete opposite! He is a mean and selfish lion with bad manners and disgusting habits. After a memorable encounter with Lenny, Marty decides that things need to change. Join Marty as he makes a brave choice that changes EVERYTHING!

Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle is a young shy land turtle. He wants to play with the other turtles at the park, but fear keeps him inside his shell, away from the others. Tommy watches from his hiding place in a hollow tree stump as the others splash in mud puddles and has a good time. Soon another turtle named Jerry walks over and introduces himself to Tommy. He convinces Tommy to give playing in the puddles a try but takes him to a less crowded area of the park. There Tommy opens up and starts to play and have fun until another turtle comes over. Once more, Tommy hides in his shell till she convinces him she won’t make fun of him. Together, the three go on to meet other turtles in the park and play.

Authors Mary and Michael Schmidt have created a heartwarming picture book for children to understand what shyness is and how to treat their peers that are shy. The storyline is well thought-out, giving kids an accurate representation of what shyness is and what the child that is shy is thinking and feeling. In addition, it explains how to approach and encourage children that are sky to make new friends and try new things in a child-appropriate way.

Tommy Turtle is a wonderful resource for schools to use in the education of emotional empathy and social skill development. Teachers, especially in kindergarten, can use this story to help children become comfortable with new situations and people as they learn to be in a classroom together for the first time. The emphasis on self-esteem and acceptance of others blends into this engaging story, and children will want to see Tommy make new friends while understanding why it is so hard for him. This children’s book is a must-have for families and schools.

Pages: 33 | ASIN : B09XNTKRDQ

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Rooty the Rutabaga: A Story About Vegetables, Inclusion and Seeing the Sunny Side of Life

Rooty the rutabaga is all alone. He sits in a dark patch of the garden, away from all the other vegetables. Rooty has no friends and has never ventured out of his garden corner to discover what is making all the noise he hears on the other side of the plants. Then, one day two peppers are playing and accidentally throw their nut over into Rooty’s corner of the garden. While looking for their nut, they meet Rooty, who is initially rude and unfriendly. Not to be dissuaded, the peppers lead Rooty out into the sun and introduce him to all the rest of the vegetables. Soon he is making friends and learning how to play for the first time ever.

Children’s author Steven Megson has created an entertaining picture book with illustrator Andy Yura to teach kids about inclusion. Kids usually hear about the more common vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, which are all friends and grow in the bright sun. However, rutabaga is a vegetable that many kids have never heard of. It has a strange name and looks really different. Megson uses this to teach children that even thorough someone is other, they are still part of the community.

The moment that stood out for me was when Rooty was rude to the peppers; they thought about leaving him alone and returning to their friends. Instead, they saw Rooty was lonely and afraid. So they took his hands and led him to meet the rest of their community. It was more than just being kind; it was seeing someone that needed help and taking a chance on them. This is a motivating story to help children learn to identify others needing help and show them ways that, even as children, they can make a difference in their world.

Rooty the Rutabaga: A Story About Vegetables, Inclusion and Seeing the Sunny Side of Life is a heartwarming picture book that children and adults can appreciate and learn from. This is an excellent children’s book for school classrooms and libraries to teach about multicultural groups and the value of kindness.

Pages: 30 | ASIN : B09RG9YW6X

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