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Dark Night of the Soul

If you are experiencing grief, heartbreak, or life-changing moments, then Dark Night of the Soul by Trinity Royal is the inspirational book to guide you through your strife. This educational book is the red pill to get out of a matrix of suffering and repetition of sabotage and terrible habits in life. The author takes readers into a rabbit hole of self-examination and querying their soul on what it requires and the reason behind any suffering. It goes through the stages of stage metamorphosis, which is quite a fascinating cycle.

One of the book’s most controversial topics is that there will be suffering during the darkest night of the soul. However, this suffering reshapes a person’s character into a shiny diamond. The book illustrates the reasons for soul searching, why we suffer from depression, what to do during this process, and the possible reason for any unexpected suffering. The book also demonstrates some practical and effective healing techniques.

This is a book I would recommend for anyone undergoing any soul searching, depression, or stuck in a ‘rut’ (which, given the last couple of years, I feel like we all are in some sort of trouble here). I feel that this book can be appreciated by people who are going through a tough time in life and are ready for a change. If one is not open to the ideas in the book, they may find it repetitive and a bit ‘new age’. If you are looking for your soul’s purpose, I will leave you with the words, “Diamond is a piece of coal that has been subjected to extreme pressure and temperature.” I hope you find the healing, love, and peace that this book desperately aims for.

Pages: 241 | ASIN : B0B1QQCH22

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You’re the Cake

You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting by Marcia Lite-Braus is a self-help book that emphasizes the need for you to love and care for yourself first before seeking love from others. With ten chapters telling of Marcia’s experience dating different men, this book had enough coverage to point out the psychological and emotional reasons that influenced her and many women’s choice of men.

An invaluable attribute of this book is how Marcia, in bullet form, highlighted the problem with each choice in each story, what could have been done to avert it, and the affirmations that will help you do better. Furthermore, Marcia’s ability to find streaks of humor in her mistakes buffers the painful and, sometimes, alarmingly shocking mishaps she had dating different kinds of men. For every type of person out there, Marcia shared her experience dating them. From the kleptomaniac to the criminal, Marcia’s writing style makes her stories memorable, along with the lessons gleaned from ‘not shopping the inside’ of these men.

As a single, divorced mother of one, Marcia demonstrated how many women are inclined to re-enter the dating pool with a lot of anxiety and low self-esteem, bruised from the end or failure of their last relationship or marriage. This book reassures single women how that should not be the case. It provides copious examples of how love has been misrepresented and how not loving yourself can only attract the wrong kind of people. It is even worse when you project your past trauma or lapses into your future engagements. In this book, Marcia has succeeded in describing, in simple terms, how to be less critical of self. In this breakdown of one of the most complex aspects of human relationships – finding the right partner, Marcia made her writing relatable and easy to read. The burden of building a relationship should not be on you alone. If anything, it should not be a burden at all.

You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting is a real page-turner. On the last page, you’d be left desiring more of the writing and knowing that you have learned all it takes to value yourself and be that cake that deserves the best frosting.

Pages: 66 | ASIN : B0B72HMVM2

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Sixteen Days

Sixteen Days is a beautiful work by Victoria Wilson-Crane constituting the sudden death of a young woman named Mary Lou, who happened to be the author’s niece, and how her family handled the pain of losing someone so dear. Death is inevitable, and it brings a lot of grief to a family. Sixteen days is a handbook on how to grieve and facilitate others who are mourning a precious life lost.

Wilson-Crane writes a powerful memoir with so much honesty and grit. She masterfully begins this book with Mary-Lou’s introduction as her niece, her childhood, and how events develop leading to her sudden death. As readers, we can feel her pain and helplessness toward fate sometimes, yet the next moment as we read, Wilson-Crane gives her readers her best advice on coping with such moments.

The writing is elegant, straightforward, and engaging. Reading this book, one can understand and acknowledge the writer’s honest emotions. Wilson-Crane’s emotions are raw, yet she manages to give us her best advice on transitioning from one state of mind to another. The best part is the list of to-do’s when mourning or visiting someone mourning. The author’s approach to writing is simple yet extraordinary, making it easier for readers to follow through on such a grim topic.

Wilson-Crane keeps the chapters concise and appropriate for the information she wants to convey without overwhelming her readers with unnecessary details. The book is a quick read, and one can devour it for the wealth of information. Each chapter ends with the authors’ version of mourning etiquettes and how one can honor the privacy of the families who have lost someone very close.

As a reader, I am super grateful for such insights. Sixteen Days by Victoria Wilson-Crane’s background on the deceased, inevitable death, and the aftermath of death that surrounds everyone related, this book will be a great addition to anyone’s reading list. Sixteen Days is one of the most influential books I have read in the grief and self-help genre.

Pages: 95 | ASIN : B09Q996K6X

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Child of Sorrow 

Child of Sorrow by Gloria Taylor Weinberg is a fictional short story, based on a true events, that follows a woman who is forced to give up her baby for adoption in the late 1950’s. Seventeen-year-old Vicki Bayle plans to be the first person in her family to attend college. However, her plans are derailed when she becomes pregnant and is sent to the Safe Haven Home for Unwed Mothers in Jacksonville, Florida. She is sent three hundred miles away from her home in Clewiston to have her baby in secret. Her parents are ashamed of her situation and want to hide the truth from their friends and neighbors, telling people that she has enrolled in cosmetology school. After Vicki is forced to give up her baby boy, will she ever see her son again?

This heart wrenching story, about being forced to give a child up for adoption, clearly describes a situation that many young girls and women can relate to. The story is told from a first person perspective, which I thought was a perfect choice for this book since it helps readers connect with the main character. Readers will understand Vicki’s emotions and be able to imagine themselves in her place, dealing with this challenging situation, even if they have not ever had to face it themselves. Residents of Safe Haven ranged from a girl of twelve to women in their forties. This book brings to light a lot of unexpected aspects of a home for unwed mothers, including the emotional struggles, as many are there against their will and do not always want to give up their child.

Sadly, many things about Vicki’s situation will not surprise readers, such as her ex-boyfriend refusing to take responsibility and help Vicki when she told him she was pregnant. Him choosing not to believe that the baby was his. As well as her unsupportive parents that cared more about appearances than their daughter’s wellbeing. The story is bittersweet because it is based on real-life and not merely fiction.

Child of Sorrow is a heartbreaking story, based on real-life events, of unwed mothers and the experiences they had to endure in the 1950’s. This is an impassioned novel that will appeal to readers looking for an emotional and authentic fictional memoir or anyone looking for a story that provides a clear-eyed view at dark truths.

Pages: 67 | ASIN : B00DRHK6MK

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Don’t Bury an Ailing Marriage

Don’t Bury an Ailing Marriage: … It’s Not Too Late to Resuscitate! by author and psychologist Don D. Campbell Ph.D. is a relationship/marriage self-help book that gives insight into marriages and relationships in four different parts. This informative book breaks down straining relationships and how to heal them through four distinct concepts: 1. Open your mind, 2. Open your heart, 3. Cleave unto your spouse, and 4. Office visits. This inspirational book concludes with an epilogue titled Love is Forever. 

By addressing each of these ideas, the author highlights the roots of issues that lead to ailing marriages. The book goes through several key issues that are found at the heart of many struggling marriages, including but not limited to: loss of the sense of self, adultery, anger, dissatisfaction, abuse, victimization, and lack of sexual intimacy. Though these issues are individually addressed, Campbell gives profound insight for working through these issues and practical tools for healing wounds that have surfaced. 

Conflict resolution, weekly date nights, respect, and re-sparking romance are just a few of the ways addressed to help heal an ailing marriage. Campbell does a good job at getting to the root of many issues and offering solutions for marriages. Knowing that there is no one cure for all, Campbell covers multiple solutions while encouraging readers to figure out the right combination for their unique needs.

This thought-provoking book gave me hope for seeing the value of working through conflict in order to better my own marriage. By challenging readers to address their own personal issues, this encouraging book does a great job of extending hope and restoration to couples at any stage of their relationship.

Don’t Bury an Ailing Marriage: … It’s Not Too Late to Resuscitate! is not only an enjoyable book to read, but it is also recommended for couples and singles looking to better understand all kinds of relationships. The information is invaluable and contains solid advice and ground to stand upon as relationships are navigated.   

Pages: 244 | ASIN : B07958H7QB

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