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A Story About Life and Football

Titan Frey Author Interview

Titan Frey Author Interview

A Players Path follows a young athlete as he struggles to live up to his fathers dream after he passes away. What were some of your driving motivations while writing this book?

Well, I was asked by my publisher to write a sports-themed YA novel. And I was already planning on writing a story that involves kidney donation. I myself am a living kidney donor so this topic means a lot to me.

Andy is an interesting and well developed character. What were some ideas that drove his character development throughout the novel?

I basically tried to remember myself as a teen and how I may have talked or reacted to certain situations and I let the character develop himself during the writing.

This book dealt with issues like grief and loss. What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Like I mentioned before, I’m a living donor, I donated my kidney back in 2012, so organ donation and awareness is big to me. I wanted to bring that awareness while hopefully bringing an entertaining story to the reader.

What is the next novel that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on a bunch of projects but one of them is a time-traveling story that involves a historical event. I’m pretty excited about this story and as of now, there is no release date.

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Fourteen-year-old football phenom Andy McDonald was supposed to dominate high school football. Yet, just before the school year started, Andy’s family suffered a tragedy. His father, Jerry McDonald, was involved in a car crash on his way home from work… He did not make it.

The doctor in charge of organ transplants, Doctor Yang, wanted to transplant Jerry’s kidneys into two people who needed a kidney. Since Jerry registered himself as an organ donor, this was possible. Before taking Jerry’s kidneys, Doctor Yang wanted to get approval from the family. Andy’s mother wanted her son to make the final decision. Now facing a decision that would confirm the loss of his father (in his mind), Andy would soon find out this decision would not be the biggest of his life…

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A Player’s Path

A Player's Path (The /Legacy Series Book 1) by [Frey, Titan]

Andy McDonald dad taught him everything he knows about football. His father’s dream became his. After Jerry McDonald dies, Andy swears to live the dream for him. He feels his father’s presence throughout his journey. His high school football career is a blessing in so many ways. He even finds a good friend. Will he live life as DeAndre advised? Will he be able to save dear Chase? How will he be able to make a choice between two very important things in his life?

Titan Frey writes Andy’s story with passion and artistry. Written in the first-person narrative the book is about what is most important in life. It’s about making the right choices when it counts even when they are hard ones. I also enjoyed how this novel explores grief and how to survive it. It is about loving and losing but moving on nevertheless. Andy may have thought that his father was speaking to him while he was on that tree, but really (I think) it was his own consciousness disagreeing with the choice to get up there for that particular intention.

This is a simple book with a powerful message. I lost a loved one, and the pain is horrendous, A Player’s Path helped me relive those moments from a different perspective which I found ultimately healing. The writer executes with much emotion and intensity but maintains a simplicity that would appeal to people in a younger demographic. It is light and short, making it a quick read, but leaves the reader with a refreshed feeling of peace at the end of it.

I felt that the book could have benefited a bit from another editing pass to remove some redundant writings. Other than that, this book is simple enough while also communicating and keeping the reader committed to the story. I found it amazing how the writer has captured the voice of a teenage boy including all the stilted conversations teenagers engage in with older people. It is a delightful story albeit sad due to the struggles the characters go through. Alice McDonald, despite going having a tough time, shows up for her son when it really counts. I found her to be inspiring.

A Player’s Path is a story that gives readers a happy ending, but not so perfect that it is unbelievable. The team may have suffered a colossal loss on the field but all was not lost. A Player’s Path is exceptional and thought-provoking.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B0841QSXQK

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