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Unshattered Love, PARIS, by L.C. RENIE is a riveting fiction novel following the story of Dr. Alexandria Belmont. With an albinism inherited trait, she works through her identity and manages her mental challenges shamelessly as a psychiatrist practitioner. She simultaneously inspires hope in her clients so they can manage the symptoms of their mental health disorders.

Her confidant, colleague, and best friend Samantha invites her on a two-week vacation to Paris. The vacation is intended to help Alexandria free her mind from a dissolution of marriage with ex-husband Fredrick Montgomery. Alexandria affirms her decision to travel abroad for the first time, and starts a new chapter in her life.

At the last minute, Samantha is unable to travel because of an unexpected work obligation. She promises Alexandria that she’ll make up for her late arrival to Paris. When Alexandria discovers the connection between sultry-voiced Alessio, Samantha, and Fredrick, she is forced to question her lifelong friendship with Samantha.

Perhaps, Dr. Alexandria Belmont carries her own secrets?

Embark on an unexpected journey with author L.C. RENIE in Unshattered Love, PARIS. Available now in online bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and retail bookstores.

Coming Soon! By author L.C. RENIE, Unshattered Love, DARKNESS, Book 2.

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