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The Globalists – Book Trailer

In a world where everything is controlled by the government, rebels must hide underground to stay safe and plan for their attack, until team ZAP is created, a group that led the infamously largest rebel Movement of its time.

The government elite aims for complete and total control of humanity by implanting Microchips into the human wrist, they stopped their experiments on rats and mice and switched to humans, they recreated a world fit for the rich, and ever a dangerous and deadly struggle for the poor. Branding everyone beyond the Centric with bar codes on their hands, necks, or wrists, they had total control over people’s lives, this leads them to become a superpower that dominates the world and forces the world under one law.

The story follows a girl named Silver who in a crazy turn of events finds her path crossed with the world’s most wanted criminals, and through a series of miracles, ends up being one of the most important members of the rebel team.

Wagers of Fate: the 108 stars – Book Trailer

Amidst a millennium of harmony and affluence, the Vargassian dynasty’s reign was abruptly extinguished with the sudden demise of its last emperor. The realm was thrown into pandemonium, with factions battling each other for control, until General Casper Leonberg seized Soliris, the imperial capital. As the political turmoil escalated, the young heir to the throne, Prince Hector, made a daring escape, determined to gather 108 righteous heroes to free the land from the northern tiger’s tyranny.

I Need a Hero – Book Trailer

While salvaging equipment in the Arizona desert, Commander Charlie Jackson receives orders from Space Command to take his crew and the Perseus, a low-orbit repair unit, to the Strivo Corridor to destroy the supply lines feeding the latest Obsidian invasion. Charlie and his brother and third-in-command, Jacob, also receive a mysterious second mission. 

Despite his wife Maddie’s objections and the fact that he is nearing retirement, Charlie accepts the mission. With the Obsidians one step ahead and the possibility of never returning home, the crew of the Perseus takes on the monumental task. Additionally, Charlie finds himself making enemies left and right-including Space Command. 

Secrets from Maddie’s past are also brought to light, and the rewards on her head soon rival those on the Perseus. She is now alone and on the run, and Charlie, who is lightyears away, must find a way to return to Earth to rescue her and be the hero he’s always wanted to be for her.

Mythion: Discontinuity In Time – Book Trailer

Just released! A quantum AI parallel world, penetrating the mysterious depths of the subconscious and its entanglement with fluid time.

A pained, flawed and vulnerable man forced to travel in time to confront the skeletons of his past, all while military and alien adversaries play cat-and-mouse for his loyalties, his mind, and his secrets.

But which side can he trust? Who can he trust?

As the mystery spirals ever deeper into the rabbit hole…is it psychotherapy? Or has he been training the whole time for a mission too vast, too insane, to wrap his mind around?

As the twists and turns get more jarring, the full measure of his mission becomes shockingly clear. But not on your life can a human man do that, can he?

Mythion is an engrossing, literary, thought-provoking and mind-bending experience that takes you on an immersive journey through fluid time loops, weaving in science fiction, genetic engineering, magical realism, metaphysics, and military operations unknown to the general public.

My Little World – Book Trailer

In a world where sometimes, the focus is on what we aren’t able to do, comes a story to encourage young children to consider all the things that they can do. My Little World is a story that follows four friends Summer, Chris, Kira and Juan. To this group of friends there seems to be two worlds. There is the little world and the big world. Each of these four friends feels that they are often just too little. They feel like there are so many things that they just can’t do. Join this group of friends on their journey of discussion and experiences as they grow and become excited about all the things that they can do and will do in the future.

Building Communities of Hope – Book Trailer

Would you like to bring more hope and power into your life? Can you see yourself as an influencer and force for positive change?

Each one of us, deep down, has the spirit and fire within to make positive changes that bring joy and hope to ourselves and others. Most of us have wondered more than once: “How can I make a difference?” This book helps you answer that question!

This Expanded Version of Building Communities of Hope helps us to:

• Believe in ourselves.
• Take steps to improve our lives.
• Address challenges and break through barriers.
• Build hope that’s our own – that’s practical and works for us.
• Strengthen our personal purpose and power.
• Win friends, influence, lead, and support others.
• Be a force for positive change in our communities.

Building Communities of Hope is a guide for those of us who yearn for a change in our lives. It’s a roadmap for creating positivity and a meaningful difference in our communities and society. It’s a resource for those who need support and motivation to recover from life’s challenges.

We can face multiple difficulties in life. Things like natural disasters, accidents, health challenges, economic setbacks, addiction, inequities, climate change, and war. We often feel overwhelmed when we go through these challenges. This book teaches that there is a way through and beyond these challenges, especially when we rely on each other. Together, we have the power to do just about anything. That power is life-changing. This book is a practical guide with lots of stories and examples.

Building Communities of Hope shares how people from many walks of life bring positive changes to their lives and those around them. Settings include Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Louisiana, California, New York, Texas, Wyoming, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, England, Central America, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. Readers shared they found practical tools from the stories about the people featured in the book. A few of the stories include:

• The “little old lady in tennis shoes” who led a movement for positive change for older adults.
• A boy who influenced others to help the homeless, which grew into a large housing nonprofit.
• A model of recovery on a motorcycle who brought health and healing to communities.
• An engine on fire who engaged her entire community to give and build resources for children.
• Someone who moved from an office in a broom closet to lead sweeping change.
• People who are living through health crises with love, faith, and hope.

Every step makes a difference.

Every single thing we do makes a difference. What we do to promote compassion and justice matters. Our work together builds over time, and creates positive change that can be unstoppable! That’s because every single act of kindness, compassion, love, shared action, advocacy, and justice has ripple effects. This my friend, is how we make lasting, positive changes in our lives and the lives of others. It’s how we influence others, lift each other up, and power up our communities!
You have the power within you!

You have a spiritual power and force deep within you. When connected to others and the energies of the universe, this power within you can create immense and positive change. You can connect with that spiritual “slipstream” and power up your life and the lives of those around you.

Let that spark in you connect with the energy all around you to light up your life. Connect with others. Support one another on the journey. Let that create a movement that powers up your life, and builds your community.

The Road Renounced – Book Trailer

In the story telling style of Kristin Hannah and Delia Owens, The Road Renounced is a World War I tale of one soldier’s triumphs and tragedies as told by the woman who loves him.

2015. Prospect Park, Pennsylvania. Suzanne Ryan uncovers her grandmother’s diary hidden in the binding of a century-old photo album. Thrilled to learn about her grandmother, Maude, who died before Suzanne was born, she reads the first entry, written on Maude’s tenth birthday.

1915. Prospect Park, Pennsylvania. Maude Brewer, her brother, Henry, and his best friend, Buzz Ryan, live a relatively care-free existence. But the darkening conflict in Europe looms, threatening them all with the fight of their lives.

At the same time, across the ocean, darkness has already fallen as the Germans march into neutral Belgium and shatter the life of nurse Marthe Peeters, whose family is viciously killed right in front of her. She is captured and forced to travel with the German Army, each step escalating the rage in her heart that explodes into plans for revenge.

But as Maude’s story unfolds through the years, it intersects with Marthe’s and despite the fact that an ocean separates them, it is clear that the two women share their perspectives on the war. They also, Suzanne learns, share the love of the same man, Buzz Ryan, Suzanne’s grandfather. Buzz must not only fight the war on the battlefield, he must also fight the war within his heart.

Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect Adventure – Book Trailer

The second book of the Vivian’s Perfectly Imperfect series is a biblical reference to Proverbs 11:25, where Jesus describes the benefits of being a generous person.

When Vivian decides to take her Mom’s jewelry and ends up losing a stone from it, her brothers each have an opportunity to be generous with their time to help her find it. While Vivian must learn the consequences of her bad choices, we get to see one of her brothers shine his light by being generous with his time to help Vivian find the missing stone.

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