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Pearls of My Mind: A Rainbow of Thoughts – Book Trailer

Are you a Spiritual Newbie?
Are you a Seeker?
Or are you a Sage today?

Let’s find out as we go on a self-reflective journey of pearl harvesting. Pearls Of My Mind, is a book that houses my rainbow thoughts. As each of seven colored pearls brings simple wisdom, dazzling jewelry is cautiously stringed.

This book deals with the connection between colors and emotions and their relationship to the Chakras. Pearls are rightly synonymous to purity, clarity, and longevity. They are wisdom in the true sense! What better example to teach us the essential lessons of patience and perseverance? So, I chose pearls to be our guide and the three S’s to be our models! At the end, every chapter has a short poem, a mantra and a few journal style pages with questions for you to answer. I humbly invite you on a journey of self-discovery!

Oh, Rainbow Pearls!
Thy vivid prismatic hues,
Thy pure poised wisdom,
Thy bold mighty endurance,
I majestically manifest thy cues!
I majestically manifest thy cues!

Industry Reviews:
“Whereas many spiritual writers speak of ascending from one spiritual stage to another as if on a staircase of achievements, Saravanakumar’s concept of roles is more forgiving than that: “We keep changing roles as our emotions move from lower frequencies to higher,” she explains. Even the most reactionary of us experience moments of Sage-ness: “In fact, everybody touches this space and leaves every day. It may be for a second or a minute.” And even Sages “must endure the lower spectrum of emotions, not giving in to the negative thoughts.” According to Saravanakumar, it’s all about balance — and tipping that balance in favor of the positive.”~ BookTrib

Honeycake: A Helping Hand – Book Trailer

Multi-Award Winning and Amazon best-selling Author Medea Kalantar Introduced readers to her new book series Honeycake. Inspired to write these books when she learned she would become a grandmother, Kalantar’s stories are based on her own family, whose members come from many ethnic backgrounds. This unique mix is a perfect recipe—just like the spices in a honey cake. That is why she calls her grandchildren her little Honeycakes.

In the sixth installment of the delightful Honeycake book series, Nala’s uncles, Victor and George, take her to a fundraiser where she meets Alexis, a girl with an artificial arm. Through her interactions, Nala learns that you are never too young to lend “a helping hand,” that it’s okay to be different, and that being different doesn’t stop you from doing great things in life.

All proceeds from each book sold in Honeycake: A Helping Hand will be going to The War Amps CHAMP Program as Medea Kalantar’s charity of choice.

The delightful Honeycake book series is endorsed by Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt.

With all the negativity in the world, Medea Kalantar’s series is a much-needed glimmer of hope and positivity. The Honeycake Book Series teaches valuable life lessons, giving children the tools to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives.

The Honeycake books teach children about diversity, acceptance, kindness, mindfulness, trust, and gratitude. This series will enlighten, empower, educate, and entertain children and their families for generations to come.

In Honeycake – A Helping Hand Nala learns that being different doesn’t stop you from doing great things. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere ebooks are sold.

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Jodie’s Rescue – Book Trailer

Twelve-year-old Jodie Jackson lives with her father above their family boatshed in Serpentine Bay in Sydney Harbour. She attends a new school, where she is faced with bullying and loneliness. She is also feeling grief at the death of her mother the year before. She misses her mother and wonders where she is now.

Her father is consumed by his work and won’t share his emotions with Jodie, so she takes solace in sailing her boat around Sydney Harbour. Her favourite spot is Lighthouse Point where her family used to go for picnics. Her father refuses to go there as it brings up memories, but Jodie likes to feel that she is connecting with her mother.

She makes new friends with Sarah Chan and together they explore the derelict lighthouse and Jodie finds an old photo of a girl. The ranger finds them trespassing and they discover that there are plans for the area to be turned into a marina and a restaurant. Jodie is horrified.

The girls find some dead penguins floating in the water and later Jodie finds a live penguin living under the jetty on a nearby island.

One night her mother appears in her bedroom and takes her with her to Heaven World and shows Jodie what a lovely, beautiful light-filled place it is, and how happy she is being there, and that she is always watching over Jodie. She can’t wait to tell her father about seeing Mum, but he dismisses it as just a dream and walks away.

Jodie is angry and sails her boat out into the Harbour despite the storm warnings. She capsizes but manages to swim to shore and seek shelter in the derelict hall on the nearby island. A girl appears looking for her own mother, and Jodie realises it is the girl in the photo that she found, and Jodie tells her to go towards the light that is shining through the trees.

Her father finally rescues her and is distraught by the thought of losing her. He tells her he loves her and vows to be more open with her and talk about his feelings and their shared loss.

The rangers at Parks and Wildlife investigate the area and discover a new penguin colony living in the bay, and the plans for the lighthouse are shelved.

A Man of His Village – Book Trailer

Winner of the Eric Hoffer Prize in General Fiction & the ForeWord Magazine Gold Award in Literary Fiction

Florentino Cruz takes one last job before he heads home to Mexico. He left his village at the age of fifteen, a migrant farm worker dreaming of love, honor, and riches. He accepts a promising job in Alaska, the magnificent climax to his years of toil in the United States. But the expedition collapses in mutiny and murder, leaving Florentino lost and fleeing for his life through a fire-ravaged wilderness.

A MAN OF HIS VILLAGE occupies the epic terrain of the West, from the borderlands of California to the strawberry fields of Oregon, from urban Seattle to rural Mexico, from the crowded slums of Tijuana to the isolation of the Alaskan bush. This is a novel of pride and redemption, the voyage of a passionate soul out of innocence across a continental landscape of exploitation and betrayal.

“Peppery and sweet, lively and subtle, funny and horrific … a beautiful page-turner of a novel, full of rich and generous insights. You’ll long remember Florentino, whose dreams carry him far from his impoverished homeland, deep into hell. Like Jack London and John Steinbeck, Tanyo Ravicz looks closely at the ties binding the powerful and the powerless in the West … First-rate realism from a fine new voice in American fiction.” —Jean Anderson, author of In Extremis and Other Alaskan Stories

Elizabeth Franklin: Sisters of Three – Book Trailer

Having destroyed Griselda, the war the High Priestess predicted between Hell and the newfound Sisters of Three proved to be inevitable. Aurelia, a Goddess of Witchcraft herself and an ancient to Mount Olympus, was appointed to take the place of the fallen Queen of the Underworld. Hades, determined to seek revenge for his wife’s death, has no idea that his new Queen has her own agenda that could ultimately cost him the throne. In the second installment of the Franklin series, Elizabeth is faced with a startling revelation of her past…one that makes her question her own existence and whether or not she belongs to the darkness after all.

Shacklady – Book Trailer

At the end of the 19th century, Silas Shacklady was obsessed with his mine in the Snowdonia mountains. Digging ever deeper in search of a Motherload, Silas disturbs dark secrets and powers hidden for centuries within that subterranean world. In 1897 the mine was sealed after a cave-in buried Silas and over two hundred men, caught forever within its black maw.

The mystery of how this happened and the strange presence of The Lady Emily, an ancient steam engine, draws Nick, Wendy and Alan into a dangerous underground adventure. One which finds them trapped in a battle between malevolent forces, risking all their lives and creating profound consequences for many.

Backskatter: A Botched Experiment Creates the Ultimate Weapon – Book Trailer

The year is 1999.

The much anticipated “Y2K” is but three short months away. Hidden among the many events of the year was a little-known incident that happened in the high desert area of eastern Oregon during a four-day period.

Something inexplicable was systematically and indiscriminately killing wildlife, livestock and human beings without provocation, without exception, and without mercy. Their grotesque deaths trigger a frantic search by a diverse and separate number of individuals to find answers before more die.

As the mystery unfolds, two investigators manage to slowly fit the pieces of the puzzle together—only to find themselves the target of a maniacal plot to stop and silence them.

Some secrets are worth killing for.

The Golden Gladiator – Book Trailer

The Golden Gladiator. . . .

Myth? Urban legend? Hero? Antihero?

Myth or urban legend? Not at all. This is the true story of senior citizen Michael Lynch and his inspirational journey back to the gridiron and glory. In his mid-sixties, he played on one of the best semi-pro football teams in America, and was coached by a former NFL veteran.

After seeing his nephew play in a high school All-Star game on Long Island during the summer of 2012, Michael Lynch had an epiphany. He wanted to play football again. In the late 60s and early 70s, he had been a football star in high school, college, and in the semi-pro leagues on Long Island. Forty years later, he decided to turn back the clock and risk life and limb to play football again in one of the toughest semi-pro leagues in America: the Florida Football Alliance.

This is a story of courage, redemption, tragedy, and love as Lynch played for four years in over fifty football games. He was a game captain, an Honorable Mention on the 2014 Florida Football Alliances All-Star team, and was honored at the leagues’ banquet in his final year in 2018 for his inspiration and dedication to the game he loves. He played on two championship teams, in 2015 and 2018.

Michael Lynch was inducted into the Guinness World Records in 2019 as the oldest American football player ever, and the oldest American football player to catch a touchdown pass—which he did at the age of sixty-eight.

Hero or antihero? You decide, but first read Michael Lynch’s epic tale, his Iliad and Odyssey of football journeys—the true story of . . . the Golden Gladiator.

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