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Alexandria: Unshattered Love

Alexandria: Unshattered Love, Book 1 by L.C. Renie, is the first book in this series, which centers around a healthcare professional who is just getting comfortable with living a single life following a divorce. As she pours her energy into her work in the field of psychiatry, she’s enticed by a close friend, Samantha, to escape for a much-needed vacation to Paris. It’s just the break Alexandria needs, but as she embarks on this trip, more lies ahead than expected.

As Alexandria prepares to unwind and enjoy her new-found freedom with a close friend, she learns a lot more about herself, her past, and the people in her life. The narration flows well and grips the reader as you become acquainted with her personality and way of life. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and how the characters develop into their roles, with a few twists and unexpected shifts in the plot. It’s a great read that initially captures the reader’s attention.

The pace of the book was excellent, giving me enough time to identify with Alexandria and her circle of friends and the people in her life. The more you read, the more you delve into a world of people, places, and experiences that are not as they seem, or at least as they appear on the surface. Alexandria’s journey takes on more than a surprise vacation; but is a life-changing experience full of romance, emotion, and relatable situations.

Alexandria: Unshattered Love, Book 1 by L.C. Renie, is a remarkable book with a well-structured story that’s truly a page-turner. I finished reading the story within a weekend and would highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys romance with much relatable content and characters. It’s an excellent story, and I look forward to reading more from the author and this series.

Pages: 264 | ISBN: 1736498169

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