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Ammara’s Wish

Ammara's Wish by [Laura Ross]

Ammara’s Wish tells the transformative journey of a young mermaid princess who learns to be caring instead of demanding. I enjoyed this children’s book because it shows that people can change (or in this case a mermaid can change), but that change does not happen immediately. We first need to recognize it and then work towards rectifying it and this picture book helps readers understand that process through an incredible undersea journey.

Colorful illustrations fill every page of this kids book and each page is a mix of a real person, Ammara and eventually the King, and graphic art of ocean critters. The mix of real images and computer graphics is incredible and allows for Ammara to be very emotive and for those emotions to be easily picked up by young readers.

The story is told in rhyme and is easy to read. Early readers will easily be able to read through the story and pick up a few new words along the way. This also serves as a good fantasy bedtime story as well to remind children to be nice to others and that others will be nice to them.

Ammara’s Wish is a charming picture book with a unique blend of images not often seen in other children’s books.

Pages: 34 | ASIN: B08YP5JB5R

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