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Are You A Bird Like Me?

Are You A Bird Like Me? Is a captivating tale of a little bird named Sky who, with the help of her friends, learns to fly. Newly hatched Sky accidentally falls out of her nest while her parents are out looking for worms. Unable to fly back up to her nest, she ventures out to look for her parents. Along the way, she meets Nutso the squirrel, Mona, the butterfly, and Stretch the Giraffe, who all lend a helping hand. But will Sky overcome her fear of failing and take to the skies?

Authors Ms. Noel Foy and Mr. Nicholas Roberto have crafted a charming and heartwarming story that will capture the imagination of young readers. Sky is an endearing character, and her journey of growth and self-discovery is beautifully portrayed. The friendship and support of Sky’s animal companions are uplifting and show the power of collaboration in achieving a shared goal. The book’s illustrations are enchanting and transport readers into Sky’s world. Ms. Foy and Mr. Roberto skillfully weave a message of teamwork, courage, and perseverance that applies to readers of all ages. The book’s overarching theme is particularly relevant for young readers who are learning the value of working together to achieve a common goal, both in school and later in life.

Are You A Bird Like Me? is an inspiring and delightful read that encourages young readers to face their fears, try new things, and accept help from others. I highly recommend this book to young readers as it is sure to capture their hearts and imaginations as they follow Sky and her friends on their quest to help her find her way back home.

Pages: 54 | ISBN : 1625020562

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