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Tally and the Angel: Book Two, Canada

In Eleanor Dixon’s captivating sequel, Tally and the Angel Book Two, Canada readers are transported to the frosty landscapes of Canada, joining young Tally, her father, and her guardian angel, Jophiel, on an extraordinary adventure. This thrilling tale unfolds when a seemingly innocuous encounter with locals spirals into a perilous struggle for the lives of Tally and her father.

Throughout their journey, Tally and Jophiel face formidable challenges, from wolves and icy conditions to celestial spirits and the power of invisibility. The story is further enriched by unforgettable companions who contribute their own unique qualities to the narrative.

Despite the enchanting presence of Tally’s guardian angel in the form of a pendant, the true magic of this story lies in the myriad surprises and delights that unfold within its pages. Dixon masterfully crafts a narrative that is both intriguing and wholly original, with readers finding themselves captivated and delighted at every turn. Tally, who may evoke an image of vulnerability, emerges as a fierce and formidable protagonist.

Eleanor Dixon’s writing stands apart from contemporary children’s literature, exuding a timeless charm reminiscent of the works of L. Frank Baum and C.S. Lewis. This distinctive quality sets Tally and the Angel Book Two, Canada, apart as a rare gem in modern storytelling. In addition, Dixon proves herself to be a fantastic author with boundless creativity.

Tally and the Angel Book Two, Canada is an enthralling and beautifully-written tale that transcends age boundaries, appealing to children, teens, and adults alike. With its rich blend of fantasy and reality, the novel boasts well-developed characters and an engrossing narrative.

Pages: 180 | ASIN : B09MFVBDXR

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Islanders: The Pacific Chronicles 

On the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii, siblings Kaimana and Kilikina embark on a hike up the mountain. But when a terrifying storm appears, the brother and sister find themselves changed beyond all belief. Fighting to understand their newfound abilities and the mysterious world into which they have stumbled, the siblings must work together to navigate a place of marvelous magic and mythology. Deadly threats work behind the scenes to undo the peace of the Hawaiian Islands, and the only hope for the future rests solidly on the shoulders of Kaimana and Kilikina and the friends that they have made.

The Pacific Chronicles Book 1: Islanders by James Eldridge is a wonderful journey to the Hawaiian Islands. The heritage and mythology of Hawaii permeate every single page, as the main plot of the story is perfectly complimented by the engaging cultural adventure woven throughout. From legends of the Menehune to the ancient protectors of the islands, the rich history of Hawaii is beautifully told in this light-hearted tale.

I loved the story of big brother Kaimana and his little sister Kilikina working together to explore a new dimension. I also loved Eleu and Molawa, the Menehune brothers, and their incredible antics. While threats are introduced, the main focus of this tale is the special bond between siblings and the true beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Book one focuses mainly on why the Islands need to be protected, coming to a conclusion that sets the stage for many more adventures to come.

The Pacific Chronicles Book 1: Islanders is a captivating children’s fantasy novel that would be perfect for older elementary and middle-grade readers. A perfect story for all who love world culture, fantasy, and a story of familial friendship, the tale of Kaimana and Kilikina is only the beginning of what promises to be a truly remarkable adventure.

Pages: 158 | ASIN : B0BGQJL688

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