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Chauncey’s Blood

Chauncey’s Blood is the captivating historical novel following the exploits of Hiram Robinette and his friend Robert Edwards. The war between North and South begins in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln is President. Hiram and Robert voluntarily sign up to join the Infantry division after which readers are whisked away on Hiram and Robert’s journey. Readers get to follow their experiences and see the pain of leaving loved ones, their struggles in war, budding romance and friendship.

Author Curt Robinette has brought to life Hiram and Robert’s endearing story of friendship. I appreciated that the author started their story from the beginning of their family lineage up until they were young boys. This allows the reader to feel connected to them and understand them and their personal history better. I felt like this gave the story a documentary type of feel; something you would watch on the History channel or in a Ken Burns documentary.

The author did an excellent job incorporating events that were occurring in Hiram and Robert’s life without bogging down the story with these details or making the reader feel like they are in a history class. The reader is transported to 1860 and is immersed in Robert and Hiram’s life as the author seamlessly transitions from Robert and Hiram’s story.

They both have different experiences once they joined the army. Robert’s story was unexpected, and I felt sorry for him at times because of what he had to go through. I enjoyed watching both characters start out as young boys and evolve into men who were taking on the monumental responsibility of keeping their country safe. In this way the author shows the reader how our choices can impact how our lives turn out.

Chauncey’s Blood is a compelling and illuminating historical fiction novel. This is a must read for readers who love a realistic historical adventure that takes you on an emotional journey.

Pages: 221 | ASIN: B07B2FL39H

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