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Divorcee Dish

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally tumultuous experience, further complicated by the involvement of children and extended families. In recent years, the pandemic and global economic strains have exacerbated these difficulties, causing a notable surge in divorce rates. Erin Dullaghan Jones, in her timely book, The Divorcee Dish, offers a thoughtful guide to help individuals, particularly women, navigate the intricate dynamics of divorce with grace and resilience.

Jones begins her narrative by recounting her personal story of meeting her ex-husband and their subsequent marriage within two years. Their journey was marred by the tragic loss of their first and third children through miscarriages, which, along with her ex-husband’s high-demand travel job, significantly strained their relationship.

Throughout the book, Jones enriches her storytelling with practical advice and introspective prompts designed to guide readers through each stage of the divorce process. She firmly believes in the therapeutic benefits of journaling and incorporates a section titled ‘Time to Dish,’ which offers engaging questions to prompt reflective writing.

Jones provides a comprehensive guide on how to communicate the news of divorce to children, drawing from her own experiences as both a child of divorce and a divorcee. She thoughtfully addresses the myriad of questions that may arise from children, regardless of their age. She also shines a light on the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies divorce, offering insight into the stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance (DABDA).

But Jones’s book is not solely focused on the hardships. She also accentuates the importance of personal well-being and self-care, offering advice on how to date post-divorce, when to introduce new partners to children, and many other aspects of life after divorce. One of the notable sections details her experiences with dating, where she humorously recounts identifying red flags on a date.

The Divorcee Dish comes highly recommended not only for those currently navigating divorce but also for singles contemplating marriage. Jones’s advice on dating, journaling, and personal care earns a remarkable five-star rating. Beyond being an insightful read, this book serves as a valuable handbook to be revisited during both challenging and triumphant times.

Pages: 111 | ASIN : B0BPF2XCV9

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