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Corpse Beneath The Crocus

Corpse Beneath The Crocus by N.N. Nelson is a collection of poetry written about everyday moments of life, portraying what it means to be human. This provocative book beautifully depicts feelings of rage, loneliness, and anxiety while at the same time illustrating quiet mornings, the depths of love, and the power of silence. In writing about a wide variety of things, N.N. Nelson paints beautiful pictures with words and sheds light on moments and feelings, so many people are afraid to speak aloud.  

This emotional collection contains raw and vulnerable narratives of happiness, heartbreak, anger, wonder, curiosity, lament, and regret. Numerous times, N.N. Nelson depicts being present in the present– recounting details of intimacy and transparency.   Corpse Beneath The Crocus is a fantastic book for people looking to get in touch with their inner selves and process their deepest emotions. This collection of poetry will cause the reader to dive into memories and experiences of their own life while relating to the stories and narratives of N.N. Nelson. By going deep into their innermost thoughts and feelings, the author gives the reader a glimpse into moments and memories the readers themselves may have also experienced in a lifetime. 

Corpse Beneath The Crocus will captivate anyone who is a deep thinker, empath, or introvert. I believe this book would be a great resource for people going through difficult times to find someone to sympathize with and relate to. Readers will find this is a great addition to their poetry collection and depicts moments of everyday life with simplicity, imagery, and poise. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Genuine and eloquently written, this book will be a joy to whoever picks it up off the shelf. 

Pages: 122 | ISBN : 1639887385

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Journey On!

Journey On! The Evolution of Thought by Caycee Johnson and Keith L. Johnson is an inspirational book full of wisdom. The authors take the reader through topics such as joy, encouragement, optimism, and peace. They share their thoughts on these key subjects by sharing their point of view, quotes from well-known personalities, and bible verses. 

Each chapter of this well-written book is short, and the language is simple to comprehend, without many complex terminologies, enabling the reader to quickly grasp the essence of each section. Moreover, due to how the book is written, the reader could read the whole book in a short space or use the book as a devotional: choosing to reflect on a different topic each day.

The authors’ take on the subject of contentment is based on the foundation that tomorrow is not promised. The authors examine how we could all use this sentiment to be more content in life. Interestingly, the book also tackles the topic of a person’s inner circle.   This section contained wise words from the author as well as included a prayer that the reader can pray for their family, allowing them to further reflect on their family members and their inner circle as a whole. The devotional book contains several prayers in other sections, which helps their reader become wiser and think about how these topics affect their heart too.

Each chapter in the book is full of encouragement and reminds me of how I felt when I read the book of Proverbs. Journey On! is thought-provoking but not a deep dive into a theological study. However, it does have critical reminders and thoughts that the reader can quickly reflect upon, and the book is ideal for anyone who wants to move forward in their life with more wisdom.

Pages: 118 | ASIN : B07X4DBKVT

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Southern-Fried Woolf

Briscoe is at a pivotal time in her life. Writing a thesis for Graduate School, managing a country musician in Nashville (who also happens to be her husband), and constantly trying to stay on top of not only Nashville politics but her own image and health as well. So what makes it even worse? Her famous-musician husband recently made a fool of himself by drunkenly falling off the stage at a recent show, apparently because of a not-so-innocent conversation he had with his opener: Velvet Wickens. As Briscoe tries to manage not only her husband’s tour catastrophes but also their failing marriage, she is expected to finish her thesis by the end of the semester. Will a getaway cabin trip allow her the time to write, Michael the time to finish his album, and both the time to take a deep dive into their marriage?

Southern-Fried Woolf is genuinely a coming-of-age tale. Drema Drudge has taken a typical novel outline and made it into an even more exciting and unique story. From Briscoe’s thesis being woven into each chapter to being a part of every thought and emotion she has, the story captivates the audience from start to finish. This book shows the complexities of working with your spouse and the stressful lifestyle the music industry can lead. Southern-Fried Woolf sheds light on eating disorders, mistrust, the life of a famous musician and the stress it can leave on their family, and even some mother-daughter healing.

The spin of weaving a thesis that the main character is writing in the book was interesting. At times I could see the connections that Drema used between what Briscoe was writing in her thesis and what she was going through in real life. And other times, it did feel repetitive. Overall, I enjoyed this unique form of writing and the way it took you into the main character’s mind. It had me hooked from the beginning, but I could sometimes overdo it. I found this modern take on romance and family life refreshing and the perfect book to sit down with on the weekend to relax.

Pages: 301 | ASIN : B0BPTCV3F5

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The Bottom Feeder

The Bottom Feeder is an eccentric read that leaves the reader feeling bewildered and intrigued. It’s an easy, enjoyable, and yet peculiar read. It’s full of colorful characters who are intertwined through acts of deception, violence, and greed. 

As confused as I was by the confusing plot, I have to say that I really loved the main character, Eddie Brennan. Eddie is a lawyer and a big tall Irishman from Sandusky, Ohio. When Hollywood comes to Sandusky, a major movie star gets injured and sustains memory loss; Brennan is called in to oversee her care and ensure her interests are protected. Jennifer Henniston is so obviously modeled after real-life star Jennifer Anniston that it makes me think Alexander meant for this to be known. Brennan can’t help but fall in love with the actress, and they are soon engaged. 

As the story unfolds, more and more of Brennan’s personality is revealed as if layers of an onion are being peeled back. His relationships with his business partner, Freddy, his brother, Donnie, and a few interesting women help paint the picture of a man who lets everyone walk all over him, and they love him for it. Brennan eventually sees the truth about Jennifer. He helps her get out of her studio contract, and as they part ways, he encourages her to be true to herself. 

I would’ve preferred that the author created a character rather than take the story out of someone’s real-life circumstances, but I still enjoyed the story overall. The book was entertaining, and I hope there is a sequel.

The Bottom Feeder: How to Love ’em and Lose ’em in 30 Days by Lexi Alexander is an intricate mix of relationship humor, and legal thriller as the characters develop through the story. This fast-paced novel is the perfect weekend read and will be impossible to put down once you start, as the drama hits hard and fast, and the laughter keeps you turning the pages.

Pages: 203 | ASIN : B01I2GOZYU

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Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds reads like a train of thoughts, jumping between memories in the author’s life. It is secretive and intriguing, forcing readers to think for themselves and fill in the gaps. The author, Janis Kingsley, describes Pink Clouds as unique, memorable moments. She fondly recalls her time in Barcelona and her love for rock music concerts. Then there is the ‘sour lemonade’ when you doubt you’ll ever see the pink clouds again. Janis emotionally depicts struggling with her weight, supporting her son with an addiction, and maintaining a relationship with her father. Some chapters are stories, and others are filled with thoughts about life.

Pink Clouds is emotionally raw and honest and leaves the reader in a reflective state, wondering what could have happened between the lines and beyond the cliffhangers. Janis Kingsley has a great style of writing. She writes in a way that is not flashy or trying to impress, almost as if she is writing for herself rather than the reader. This makes her reflections seem even more authentic as if the reader is delving into her inner thoughts.

Admittedly, I did not understand every chapter and was left with so many unanswered questions, but this made the book all the more interesting. Janis Kingsley writes directly about issues like self-hatred, guilt, and insecurities. I’m sure that every reader can resonate with some part of her experiences or thoughts. She begins by talking about how we never see the dark sides of each other, only the happy exterior, and then proceeds to explore some of her darkest memories. This is the first of many extraordinary contrasts within the book.

I highly recommend Pink Clouds to anyone who enjoys short stories and food for thought. The book will leave you reflecting on life and the mental battles that we all face, whether you’re a teenager recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic or a wife trapped in a dead-end marriage. Pink Clouds is a book that everyone can take something away from. Not only can we learn from sharing our experiences, but it is also highly comforting to know that we are not alone. This is a book that will stick in your mind long after finishing the book, if not luring you back in to reread and rethink. I will certainly be looking for more of Janis Kingsley’s writing.

Pages: 16 | ASIN : B0BG3HYC6H

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Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street

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Violence. That’s all C.J ever knew as a child. From the brutal bullying by boys at school to his father’s fiery fists of rage, his life was nothing short of a nightmare. When his abusive father and traumatized mother divorced, C.J shed his childhood nickname and began searching for the real Chris. It is at this time he meets Danielle, the girl next door. With an instant attraction, their worlds collided and erupted into a magnificent world of love and trust from the start. Danielle became a beacon of hope that guided Chris through the most challenging years of his life, a time when he was discovering who he was and who he wanted to be. However, Chris ended up moving to Michigan, ripping him away from Danielle just as their young love blossomed. Can Chris move past the trauma and distance to win Danielle?

Author C.J. Hudson thrusts the reader into his world of pain and belittlement by his father and bullies at school. The scenes of abuse were hard to get through, and I absolutely hated C.J.’s father for how he treated him, but that also shows the author’s writing is descriptive and moving. This impassioned story reads like a journal written by the author to his sons about his childhood life and how he met their mother. I was able to connect with the author, and I enjoyed being able to read about his thoughts. I understood his reasoning for not liking certain things like his real name or something as minute as oatmeal.

C.J.’s and Danielle’s relationship made me smile because she loved him for who he was. Reading about how Bob, C.J.’s uncle, treated him was heartwarming and, I must say, the best part of the author’s memoir. It brought a smile to my face when C.J. began to feel the real love and get the right parental guidance. I don’t know why I was surprised by the ending of the author’s memoir, maybe because a part of me was rooting for him to win Danielle back.

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street is an inspirational memoir of trials and triumphs. Readers will follow as the author finds the strength to survive the things that life throws at him and watch as he tries to build a better life and legacy for his own sons.

Pages: 258 | ASIN B0BHTP7FH9

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It’s In Their DNA

It’s In Their DNA: What And Why Men And Women Do Not Ask And Do Not Answer is an eye-opening book by Dr. Owen Watson and Dr. Ramona Watson. The intent of this insightful book is to help single people who are looking for a partner or couples to better understand each other and if they are suited for one another.

The book is a compilation of questions and answers that men and women are too afraid to ask their partners or don’t want to give answers to. In order to avoid confusion, both authors explain that the DNA in this book does not stand for deoxyribonucleic acid; it stands for “do not ask” and “do not answer.” And the question topics cover various different parts of everyone’s lives, including their upbringing, financial status and spending preferences, past relationships and intimacy, education, professional profiles, gender, marriage, drinking, and use of substances, as well as questions that consider the relationship directly like how long do the partners see the relationship lasting, monogamy, love, etc.

The authors approach all the topics covered from a psychological, social, and biblical aspect in order to help individuals with their relationships and not waste time on partners that aren’t necessarily suited for them. This is not to say that we should end things at the very first inconvenience but on the contrary. The author points out that we all have those “this is not what I signed up for” moments, but we need to understand that that is precisely what we signed up for, and some characteristics and thoughts come to the surface as time passes. It is important to ask questions that are by nature uncomfortable and carefully observe our partner’s reaction, will they be content, have a change in attitude, or even be transparent, that will set us up for what’s to come.

Considering that the book covers various parts of life, both authors kept all the topics concise and straight to the point. The authors also managed to create a piece of work that is suitable for both the general public and academic researchers as a tool in their work.

I recommend this book to anyone in a relationship or searching for a partner, especially younger people who are so used to change and everything social media serves them and seem to quit on things when it gets complicated and messy. What we can all take away from this book is that when you water and take care of plants, they grow and bloom. It’s the same for people and relationships.

Pages: 172 | ASIN : B0B9R2TDV5

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When We Lost Touch

The pandemic was difficult on all of us and still weighs heavily on many people’s minds. In When We Lost Touch by Susan Kraus, the reader gets a raw and intimate look at a group of intertwined characters’ experiences at the beginning of 2020, the height of the pandemic, all the way until the end of 2021. Whether you are reading about Grace, Katrina, or Max. All the characters experience their own struggles, ultimately coming out at the end not unscathed but having survived.

While Kraus uses fictional characters to paint the narrative, her plot is anything but fictional. It’s grounded in reality, touching on the issues of the pandemic, racial matters, January 6th, and even radicalism. She does not shy away from touching upon the tough subjects that have plagued the United States in recent years and does so in a heartfelt manner.

Her greatest talent is managing to balance the multiple POVs without confusing the reader. Each of them stands out in their own way. It can seem a little jarring at first, but once you are a few pages into the book, you won’t even notice.

This story isn’t for those that don’t like a dose of reality in their stories, especially for a subject that is still raw for many people. However, When We Lost Touch discusses these issues with sensitivity. It doesn’t hold back in showcasing the character’s struggles and how desperately they want to return to normal. At times, the reader is going to feel like they have been punched in the gut. This just proves how effective Kraus is at crafting this.

I am giving When We Lost Touch by Susan Kraus a five out of five stars. It might be a tough read for some, but most will be swept away by the realism and completely be able to relate to the characters. This is a work of historical fiction, but it is grounded in the realities we all faced in this time period.

Pages: 412 | ASIN : B0BHJ7DWK1

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