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Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered by [Donna Young]

Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered, by Donna Young is a fantastic guide that helps mediums embrace and develop their gifts. The author’s mission is to mentor up and coming mediums and share her wealth of knowledge with anyone that has a desire to reach their full potential.

Donna Young covers a lot of material in this short book, but what I liked most about this book was how nothing seemed preachy. Everything seemed so approachable. And in this way I can tell Donna Young is an expert at her craft, because she is able to capture that warm comforting feeling you often get when walking into the presence of a medium and place it into her book. She keeps a conversational tone throughout the whole book which helped me connect with the information easier. She uses her own experiences to show what she’s talking about, which helped me learn but also entertained me with her fascinating anecdotes. She talks about making sure that you are coming from a place of positive intentions and self-love, which is an example of the sensible but crucial advice dispensed throughout this book that essentially improves you as a person as well as a medium.

Through simple and inviting language I was able to understand everything that was shared. In most cases, I felt that what she was talking about could be applied to all areas of your life, not just in the psychic realm. While I was skeptical at times, I was assuaged by the fact that the information in general was just so uplifting.

Donna Young shares information from a positive frame of reference, which is no surprise that she practices what she preaches, but I think readers should come at this book with those same rose-colored glasses as I think it will improve the experience. Donna Young has written a wonderful book that is useful for anyone who is open to the spiritual world and learning more about it. The authors conversational approach and willingness to open up about her own experiences made this book riveting as well as enlightening.

Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered is a short but resourceful spiritual guide that is filled with keen advice that can help readers improve their psychic abilities.

Pages: 98 | ASIN: B09J3QLGXN

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