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Einstein in the Attic

Einstein In The Attic, written by co-authors Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri, is an absorbing and thought-provoking sci-fi novel. It follows the story of the curious but troubled mind of a Quantum Physics Professor named Adam Reemi, whose life is falling apart at home and work. Adam and His colleague Mark Von Muntz find a way to bring famous physicists back to his attic to help him uncover the truth and discover if there really is a God.  

Dargos and Bizri have written an intellectually stimulating novel that transports the reader into the world of science. In addition, the authors have touched upon science and faith, which is still a controversial debate to this day. However, the authors do not force science or faith on the reader, making this book an excellent read for those with an active imagination and who are open to many possibilities.

The science talk can sometimes be overwhelming, and it was hard for me to follow what Adam and Muntz were talking about, but the authors did a great job of showing the outcome of their conversations. For example, when Adam and Muntz were discussing how to create a time machine, I really didn’t understand what they were saying until there was a machine that had brought Albert Einstein back.

This book truly challenges the reader’s mind with interesting arguments from both sides. The war between God and Science is an eternal question. While every person has different beliefs, this book will definitely spark a debate in your mind. I appreciated that instead of Adam turning to alcohol or drugs during his dark times, he turned to science and tried to make things right in his life.

Einstein in the Attic is a riveting time-travel and science fiction novel that takes the reader on a fun journey with historical figures.

Pages: 358 | ASIN : B09RKF4DQD

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