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Dancing On Sloane Street

Dancing On Sloane Street by [english golightly]

Dancing On Sloane Street recounts the adventures of a young and impulsive 17 year old model. This book is written in an autobiographical style with the protagonist as its sole narrator. Such an intimate first person point of view makes it seem almost like a diary. As English, our protagonist and narrator, goes from one place to another, strung along by her rich or influential clientele, her life goes on wildly with some unexpected twists and turns, finally ending with her decision to return to a silent contemplative lifestyle, leaving behind the limelight of the modelling industry along with its risks and perks.

The story covers a fascinating subject that is captivating in and of itself. The protagonist plunges off into the world of illegal and often inappropriate practices as she describes her personal experiences as a young model during the 1990’s. I was taken in by the candid language that has a fluid quality to it and keeps the audience engaged throughout this fictional biography. English gets taken advantage of, betrayed, cheated, and lied to but after everything what stands the test of time is her grit and emotional strength to try to live life according to her own terms.

There are countless times where the protagonist, as well as other characters, objectify or implicitly degrade and judge people based on their physical appearances. This is reflective of the culture this story takes place in. While the impromptu escapades of the main character have a particular charm in the beginning of the story, towards the end we realize the characters act in a self-destructive way. This makes this story both a thrilling coming-of-age story and also an intriguing character study of various people in the industry.

Dancing On Sloane Street is a provocative and compelling story that provides a unique look at an exotic lifestyle, and English Golightly captures it in an entertaining way.

Pages: 191 | ASIN: B00KR9KU1S

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