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Run Taylah Run!

Run Taylah Run is a heartwarming and adventurous tale. Taylah is a young Aboriginal living with her mother and sister, trying her best to help her mother and her school’s track team. Taylah is very talented and her team is about to get a big break, but a series of terrifying events may prevent her team from reaching its full potential. Meanwhile, Liam is trying to live a somewhat normal life after his father has been sent to prison, but soon his father escapes and kidnaps him, making wild claims about his conviction. In order to help her friends and Liam, Taylah will have to think fast and run like she never has before.

This narrative has wonderful elements of both a thriller and a sports action novel. The mystery of Liam’s family and father offer a sense of danger and urgency. The startling accident that crashes the team’s bus also adds to the thrill and excitement of the book. It is sure to leave readers’ hearts pounding and keep the pages turning. What is really unique about the atmosphere and tone of this novel is the addition of the inspiring and blood-pumping sports action. The unusual combination of these elements is both joyous and satisfying at the same time.

This book was structured and the characters were discussed in such a way that makes the novel highly relatable and relevant to the modern day. The different perspectives make it so fascinating to read. Getting different perspectives throughout the book really makes it more personal to each character and the reader. The characters too are unique, distinct, and inclusive. The book does a wonderful job of being inclusive and respectful towards minorities and all groups. The author shows the challenges that racial and ethnic minorities can face and how they can really hurt those affected. It is a story that is relevant today and speaks volumes on realistic issues that even students of minority groups may face.

Run Taylah Run is a wonderfully inspiring sports fiction novel that introduces readers to authentic and relatable characters and sets events in motion that will test them and entertain readers. I highly recommend this novel for young adult readers especially those who can identify with a spirit of sport and adventure that is imbued in this story.

Pages: 204 | ISBN: 1716375231

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